Easter Rekindles Hope Of Better Future - Diri
Easter Rekindles Hope Of Better Future - Diri

Governor Diri of Bayelsa state has revealed that the Ijaw people would continue to oppose the three percent allotted to the host communities in the Petroleum Industry Act until justice was done.

In a press release issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, the governor said: “The Niger Delta people view the 13 percent derivation from the prism of 87 per cent deprivation.

“The three percent allotted to oil producing communities in the PIA is very paltry and we will continue to oppose it until it is addressed.”

He also stated that the country has operated under a unitary system of governance rather than true federalism for far too long, and that powers should be devolved from the center to the states.

The governor argued that the Federal Government should be in charge of currency, foreign policy, and national security when power is properly delegated.

Senator Douye Diri also urged Ijaw leaders to speak out against issues of injustice and underdevelopment that affect the ethnic group until they are rectified.

All of these statements were made by the Governor on Saturday, at the All Ijaw Summit with the theme, “The Nigerian State and the Ijaw Question” in Yenagoa, the state capital.

The summit was organised by the Ijaw National Congress (INC).

He asked the summit to look at constitutional amendments, particularly state police, more local governments for Bayelsa, and more states for the Ijaw nation.

In light of the ongoing oil spills from the Aiteo Eastern Exploration and Production Company Limited’s facility in Nembe, the state’s helmsman asked the summit to also discuss oil and gas exploitation in the Niger Delta, as well as the inherent threats to people and the environment.

“I strongly believe that this summit should indicate clearly our stand with our people who are in imminent peril of extinction and impose stringent ethical responsibilities on oil exploration companies on our land.”


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