We Won't Agree To ASUU Terms Under Duress - FG

We Won’t Agree To ASUU Terms Under Duress – FG.

THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION has stated that it will not engage into agreements with the Academic Staff Union of Universities if forced to do so.

The ministry urged ASUU to end its strike “so that we do not have gunpoint negotiations and make promises that we would be unable to keep.”

Ben Goong, the ministry’s spokesperson, confirmed this in an interview with The PUNCH on Sunday.

The union’s National Executive Council, which is now meeting at the University of Abuja, will make the ultimate decision on whether to go on strike indefinitely or halt the current strike today (Monday).

The National President of ASUU, Emmanuel Osodeke, acknowledged that the NEC was meeting but declined to say further.

“The NEC is meeting and details will be communicated,” the ASUU president simply said.

However, a high-ranking NEC source told NEWSMEN that the union would have no option but to go on full-fledged strike because the government had done nothing practical to fulfill its demands.

“The government has not done any tangible thing since the announcement of the warning strike. As much as we are not happy about going on strike, I am afraid to say that we have no choice this time. However, the final decision lies with the NEC,” the source said.

However, Goong stated, “The government has done something tangible. Even The PUNCH has been reporting some of the things that the government did to avert this strike. If I were ASUU, I would call off the strike and that is what we are telling ASUU to do. Call off the strike so that nobody will be negotiating out of duress. If you continue the strike, we will have agreements at gunpoint with you.

“If they stay on the strike, in a desperate attempt to make sure that the universities are re-opened, we will make agreements under duress. We are not in a state of war that you must be on strike before you negotiate. You say it is a warning strike and the government has begun the implementation of agreements, it is only normal that you call off your strike, but it is as if they have that mindset of a strike.”

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