Watch Out Guys, It's Really Cold Outside, Timaya Advises Nigerians

Watch Out Guys, It’s Really Cold Outside, Timaya Advises Nigerians

Timaya, a popular Nigerian artist, has warned Nigerians to be aware of evil in the culture, warning that even their greatest friends might be used for money rituals.

Timaya was reacting to tales of adolescent lads in Ogun State murdering a lover and burning her head for money.

On Saturday, it was claimed that there was chaos in the Oke Aregba district of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital when adolescent guys were spotted burning the head of a female who was alleged to be in a relationship with one of them for money rituals.

Soliu was reported to have enticed the girl into his room, where he restrained her and requested one of his buddies to slay her with a knife.

Timaya responded to the tragic tragedy with a post on Saturday evening via his Twitter handle: “17 years old boys doing money ritual? Innocent humans, killed for money, even your own homeboy can use you.

“Watch out guys, it’s really cold outside.”

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