Tonto Dike Urges Buhari To Include More Youth, Women In Policymaking

Tonto Dike Urges Buhari To Include More Youth, Women In Policymaking.

Tonto Dike, the Director of the Socials and Empowerment Committee of Youths on Mobilisation and Sensitisation (CYMS), has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to incorporate more youths and women in the country’s policymaking.

Ms Dike made the announcement during the N-PoD, or National Policy and Development Summit, which took place in Abuja on Tuesday.

”Growing up,  I heard that children are the leaders of tomorrow,  so it’s only just fair in time that children start to get included for the things they are going to encounter in the future.

”I always believe in leadership and I believe in the hierarchy in leadership.  I believe in who has been there tutoring who is going to come in.

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”Including our youths in office actually means having a sector where youths can participate in policy and decision making.

”We want to hear that we belong,  we want to know that we are responsible and be included in things that matter in the country,” she said.

She also stated that women, like men, should be allowed more inclusion in order to achieve more balanced gender equality in government.

”Not just youths that should be involved but also women. The Buhari government has tried to curb this but a lot more needs to be done.

”Including more women will change the country for the better. Women are natural leaders and you can’t take that away from us.

”We have a lot to give,  so we should be given the opportunity to speak and contribute our quota to the society,” he said.

Dike believes that intentional actions must be done to ensure that the different government institutions withstand the test of time.

She said: ”For any legacy to stand the test of time, there must be continuation, effectiveness and a positive effect on its beneficiaries .”


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