The Truth About Dino Ebarakumo’s Participation For Bayelsa At The National Sports Festival

The Truth About Dino Ebarakumo's Participation For Bayelsa At The National Sports Festival

Controversies have trailed the participation of Dino Ebarakumo for Bayelsa State at the just concluded National Sports Festival, Edo 2021 as there were insinuations that he was a sports mercenary hired from Kenya. Wisdom Oniekpar Ikuli, a Bayelsa based legal consultant writes to put the assumptions to rest.

Information is power and in our contemporary society, it is a great wealth.

False information is likened to bags of feather that are poured on the mountain that can never be gathered because of the directions and distances they fly.

The said Dino Ebarakumo has dual citizenship.

His father is a Kenyan, while his mother is a Bayelsan.

Over the years, he has identified with Bayelsa State and also participated in sporting activities especially in Athletics.

The greatest joy is the fact that even the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Sports is very much aware about the case and person of Dino Ebarakumo and his enormous sporting contributions.


A Bayelsan actually registered with Rivers State Ministry of Sports which is allowed in Sports but such is allowed at the beginning of the Competition. In fact, it is always done before the commencement.

In the above case, the Bayelsan registered with Rivers State Ministry of Sports but at the middle of the Edo Sports Festival, for whatever reason(s), he decided to run back to Bayelsa State Ministry of Sports precisely the Sports Council to switch his Participation especially when he saw the outstanding performance of Bayelsa State.

But he was reported and he was disqualified according to the Rules of the Game and Festival.

The above, does not have anything to do with Dino Ebarakumo and the numerous Medals that he won for Bayelsa State that came second in the just concluded National Sports Festival Edo 2020.

Those who are peddling this rumour are not only enemies of Bayelsa State but they are also intimidated by the overwhelming personality of Dr. Daniel Igali; the Honourable Commissioner of Sports who is one of the most outstanding Worthy Ambassadors of the Ijaw nation in the Sporting Industry whose professionalism translated to the outpour and harvest of Medals that resulted to Bayelsa State coming Third among the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.

Prosperity Governor Douye Diri is a great blessing to Bayelsa State and the Ijaw nation and this is evident in the cheering News we hear about Bayelsa State and Bayelsans daily and the Ijaw nation by extension.

We need to support the government to succeed in her avowed commitment to changing the Narrative of gross underdevelopment and repositioning of our great state and people on the path of socio-economic Prosperity and not to join the bandwagon of few elements that do not wish or see anything good about Bayelsa State, Bayelsans and the Ijaw nation.

God bless Prosperity Governor Douye Diri!

God bless Bayelsa State!

God bless the Ijaw nation!


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