The Rise And Fall Of Notorious Criminal, Mone Kutu (MK)

The Rise And Fall Of Notorious Criminal, Mone Kutu (MK)

Ancient wisdom has for long apportioned all days for the thief, but just one day for the owner. Mone Kutu popularly known as MK has eventually had his own day.

MK could be summed up by Ijaw News.Com  as one faceless, dreaded,   hardened and ferocious gun fighter, sea pyrate, kidnap kingpin, armed robber and gang leader whose notoriety remained matchless until he was eventually captured.

It leaves one to wonder how a small boy who ordinarily should still share abode with his parents could exude the kind of temerity heard of him to kidnap, rob, attack and destroy lives without winking.

There have been lots of fact twists about the notorious criminal. However, ljaw News.Com in this piece brings to you some hidden truths about him. A diligent probe into his family background tells more of  his sad story.

His father’s name is  Snr. Apostle Ozitiyan Mone and his Mother is Ebi Mone. While his father is late, the mother is still alive. Until his death, Pa Ozitiyan was the Spiritual Head of C& S Church, Akinna Zion, Asere, Arogbo Ijaw Kindom in Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State, Nigeria.

Among Pa Ojitiyan’s Children was one JORDAN MONE. He was into pipeline vandalism as well as illegal oil bunkering at Abule Egba in Lagos State. Bought like two cars, built a house from proceeds of crime, Jordan was eventually burnt to death during an inferno at Abule Egba.

Another was one VICAR MONE, MK’s elder brother too. He dropped out from secondary school, went into sea piracy, pipeline vandalism, armed robbery and illegal oil bunkering. Vicar perpetrated varying degrees of crime in Nigeria and other neighboring countries accessible by water.  He was once or twice arrested and released by security agencies.

Vicar aligned with one dreaded Militant Leader, Gen O.C lborry from Ajapa Community, gained his confidence and became his close ally. When Gen O.C was killed by security operatives, Vicar was accused of betrayal and complicity. Based on this, he was arrested by OC’s boys, beaten to coma and eventually killed.

From the above exposition, it should be now clear that the little MK was well groomed for his illicit activities.

Until 2019 when the name MK started being mentioned for criminal activities, not much was known about the mindless gang leader.

He Initially settled  in Arogbo lsland, as ljaw News gathered, but due to fierce opposition from the Agadagba, the King; Mk and his boys fled to a creek in Asere community where he recruited more boys to run a CAMP.

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There he reportedly kidnapped people and hid them in the camp to negotiate for ransom while still occasionally carrying out robbery in places like lrele, Ilaje, Delta and Edo States respectively.

All efforts by security operatives to get him arrested proved abortive as his hideout was quite inaccessible.

Around March this year, a combined team of security operatives stormed the camp in a collaborative effort to apprehend him, but MK narrowly escaped and ran away with his boys leaving behind a kidnap victim from Edo State who was eventually rescued.

Few months later,  he returned to Asere Community and set ablaze no fewer than 20 houses in the middle of the night alleging that the owners of those houses were the ones who gave  out information about him to security operatives to raid his camp.

After that invasion, he fled back to another creek in Delta State where he continued to kill people indiscriminately and perpetrated all sorts of crimes.

MK declined all sort of entreaties from reputable Niger Delta leaders like High Chief Government Epemupolo aka Tompolo and High Chief Bibopere Ajube to be disarmed and allow for peace in the Niger Delta.

A source under the condition of anonymity divulged to Ijaw News that MK’s ultimate aim was to displace Chief Bibopere Ajube, dislodge Tompolo and assert his authority in their jurisdictions as the only Militant Leader to be reckoned with.

One confounding thing about MK was that he was not physically known and recognizable to the forces that were after him. Not even was he physically recognizable to security agents. Moreso, he reportedly changed locations so frequently that it was extremely difficult to track him.

Alot of times, many others were arrested in his name. After an  incident of attack on him by a combined team of some ex-agitators and security forces, a corpse of an unidentifiable militant floated on water at the scene of the attack, and it was widely reported as MK’S Corpse, and so many other instances of others mistaken for him.

Even when he was eventually arrested at Osogbo in Osun State, many took it with a grain of salt. It was disputed until a voice note was circulated to the effect that the person arrested was MK. It was gathered  that he went to his mother’s younger sister who stays in Osogbo to treat a gunshot injury on his lap.

It was this intelligence that enabled the security agents to track and got him arrested.

The entire trajectory of the rise and fall of MK holds a lession to the effect that the ultimate end of criminality is shame, humiliation, and destruction. And for the people of the Niger Delta, the  earlier a line is drawn between the genuine Niger Delta struggle and pure criminality in the region the better for all. May the genuine struggle for the emancipation of the region succeed!


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