RUSSIAN INVASION: FG Directs Fleeing Nigerians To Four Polish Borders, As Over 100 Escape War

RUSSIAN INVASION: FG Directs Fleeing Nigerians To Four Polish Borders, As Over 100 Escape War.

The Federal Government has urged Nigerians fleeing Ukraine to four Polish borders for safety reasons as the Russian military continues its invasion of Ukraine on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Over 100 Nigerians have crossed the Polish border, according to authorities at the Nigerian Embassy in Warsaw.

In a viral video on Saturday, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, claimed that four of the eight crossings between Poland and Ukraine had been approved for Nigerians to utilize.

She also recommended Nigerians to go in groups so that they could keep track of each other on the way to the border. She urged people in Eastern Ukraine to go by rail or bus closer to the border, particularly in Western Ukraine.

She warned that going closer to the border may be dangerous, but that it was critical for impacted Nigerians to preserve their passports and student visas when traveling to the border.

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Dabiri-Erewa added, “For Nigerians in Ukraine trying to cross to Poland, there are eight borders between Poland and Ukraine, four borders are recommended; these are the four borders: Hrebenne – Rava Ruska; Korczowa – Krakovets; Medyka – Shehyni; Budomierz – Hurszew.”

She emphasized that Nigerian volunteer groups and officers from the Nigerian Embassy will be stationed at the border to assist them. She advised Nigerians in sections of Ukraine not directly touched by the invasion to remain put, noting that the commission’s website had all pertinent information, including phone numbers to call.

In the advisory she issued, she stated, “Students should make every effort to get to the Ukrainian- Polish border or Ukrainian – Romanian border. It is vital that students move in groups. There is power in number. Groups should ensure that they are safe and accounted for. Students from Eastern Ukraine should make their best effort to reach a city in Western Ukraine. The closer you are to the border, the better.

“When going to the border, your options are via train or bus. Both routes come with risk factors. Trains from Lviv to the Polish border are free. However, there are many people trying this route. Do not be discouraged but try your best to enter the right train. Coaches/buses from Lviv can take you to Poland. You will need to have all your documentation with you. Please continue to stay in groups. Keep your passports and student visa on you at all times.”

Similarly, the Nigerian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland, issued a public notification assuring Nigerians that the government had made required preparations with the Polish government to facilitate Nigerian entry into Poland.

The Nigerian Ambassador to Poland, Christian Ugwu, stated, “The embassy staff and volunteers are stationed at the Polish – Ukrainian Border with bus and vans to pick up Nigerians from the border points.”


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