Police Nabbed Social Media Blackmailer, Olaolu Oyeleke over Defamatory Statements


Today is the first day of January in Year 2022. A brand new and promising Year with lots of hope and aspirations.

Many fun seekers besieged hospitality centers, mails, beaches, dance halls, restaurants, day and night clubs to celebrate the special day with their families, love ones, friends and associates in the joyful mode of the return of a New Year.

However, when everyone is enjoying the blissful and happy moments at their homes, chinema, malls, dance halls and clubs, drinking bars and beer parlours; social media blackmailer, Olaolu Oyeleke who operates as FX Trader trading under the name, VALIENTE CAPITAL LIMITED, has been blackmailing many big wigs in the FX industry over the years. Luck made away with him this time as he peddles some falsehood publications about one Mr. Chris Akinyomi, on some WhatsApp group platforms which had eventually landed him in trouble water.

Following a petition by Mr. Chris Akinyomi against the serial blackmailer to the Inspector General of Police, a team of crime fighters from force headquarters, Abuja, strung into action and effect the arrest of Oyeleke today, the first day of Year 2022.

Oyeleke, who taught he can use the social media platform, especially the WhatsApp platform to blackmail and publish false, malicious, repulsive, liberious and defamatory comments on Mr. Akinyomi and his business interest, has landed in police nest.

Olaolu Oyeleke was picked up this morning at his residence, when everyone was busy celebrating and exchanging pleasantries and goodwill messages on the dawn of a New Year, with high hope and great expeditions.

The Nigerian Authority, has since, whisked him to Abuja based on the powerful worded petition and strong evidence against him.

The police is currently investigating Olaolu Oyeleke and his FX WhatsApp Group which is being used for his shenanigans.

The unfortunate case of Oyeleke and his WhatsApp group platforms should send strong warning to Admins of WhatsApp groups basically set up to dupe and blackmail innocent public officers and businessmen, who are yet to know their antics and criminal activities.

Let the general public be aware of the evil and fruadlent activities of these internet frauedsters and blackmailers whose trade is to illegally and falsely obtain large sum of money from their victims.

Olaolu Oyeleke is bill to face some criminal charges before a competent court of law in due course, as the Year 2022 already appears blink and uncertain for the serial blackmailer.

Our dear WhatsApp Admins, please verify and control every information share on your platforms by group members, in order not to impose unnecessary, but avoidable trouble on your person.


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