PAP Does Not Owe Any Genuine Scholarship Student, Says Dikio

PAP Does Not Owe Any Genuine Scholarship Student, Says Dikio
PAP Does Not Owe Any Genuine Scholarship Student, Says Dikio

Col. Milland Dixon Dikio (retd), the Interim Administrator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), said that the initiative was up to date with the financial responsibilities of its legitimate scholarship students.

In a statement, Dikio said the explanation was necessary after a protest by a group of people in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, who claimed that the PAP owed them money.

The amnesty chief emphasized that those participating in the demonstration were already graduates who were attempting to coerce PAP into paying them for longer than the laws and regulations governing the scholarship scheme allowed.

He said that PAP could only give in-training allowances to students who were still enrolled in the scholarship program, not to people who had completed their education.

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Dikio said: “The PAP wishes to state emphatically that it is not owing any genuine students deployed under the PAP. The PAP also wishes to state that the protesters are graduates demanding payment beyond the length of their academic programme which they are not entitled to. 

“It is imperative to note that PAP is only obliged to pay In-Training-Allowances to students still under the scholarship umbrella, and not students who have finished their final exams and are considered graduates.

“The action of these delegates is a poor reflection of the purpose for which they were included in the programme and for which they were trained in their various schools”.

Dikio said that the students were well-cared for during their studies at their different universities, but that their assertions were doubtful.

He said: “The PAP wishes to use this opportunity to sound a note of warning to current beneficiaries of the PAP scholarship scheme to conduct themselves in a proper manner in accordance with the rules and regulations of the programme.

“Like other scholarship schemes, there are terms and conditions that guide the programme, which must be followed. It should be noted that necessary sanctions will be meted out to students, who do not conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. These sanctions include and are not limited to withdrawal from the scholarship scheme”.


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