Oyo Vows to Revoke Contracts with 22 Firms


By Yemi Akintomide

Oyo State Government on Thursday, warned that it will not hesitate to cancel uncompleted restoration and construction contracts from defaulting contractors in the state as part of its 2012-2018 UBEC/SUBEB Intervention Project.

This, according to the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board, is in accordance with orders from the Abuja-based Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC).

Dr. Nureni Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board, told the twenty-two contractors in Ibadan that the contracts would be canceled if the provisions of the contracts were not met.

He added that numerous contracts, including those issued by the previous government, have been dragging since 2018, in violation of the contractual agreement’s time frame, which stipulated two (2) weeks for borehole completion and a maximum of 24 weeks for Model school completion.

The board, according to Dr. Adeniran, would not hesitate to impose appropriate fines on these defaulting contractors who have failed to meet project deadlines.

He added that the contractors may answer queries from Anti-graft body, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, after the November, 2021 deadline, adding that they also risk being blacklisted by UBEC for further contracts of UBEC/SUBEB nationwide.

“The message here is clear, the job has taken too long, your failure to deliver on the agreed dates is affecting the wellbeing of our children, we will reverse the contract”, he said.

“We have issued several warnings, this is about the third time. We need to revoke the contract and give those that will do the job. The guideline is clear and we are not going to compromise,” he warned.
The SUBEB boss, who attended the meeting with members of the Board’s Management staff, questioned why the contractors refused to provide results despite the government’s mobilization fee.

Despite the fact that their contracts were awarded by the previous administration, the Board did not revoke them in 2019, as part of a determined effort to enforce standards and guarantee that only suitable project execution is carried out, according to Adeniran.


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