Outrage Trails Keyamo’s Cutlass & Wheelbarrow Empowerment Scheme

Outrage Trails Keyamo's Cutlass & Wheelbarrow Empowerment Scheme

Public anger has trailed the launch the Special Public Works Programme by the Minister for State for Labour and Employment, Festus Keyamo over the distribution of cutlasses, machetes and wheelbarrows as empowerment items.

Social media commentators wondered how the minister conceived the idea of distributing crude tools when there are modern and mechanized ways of farming.

One of the commenters on Twitter, Ajayi Bolaji wrote: Is this how you guys intend to lift people out of poverty? For how long can you sustain this initiative?

Another user (@realseancurtis) wrote: Nigeria to be great, she really needs beyond restructuring. We need to restructure our brains too, from waste, from sycophancy. This launch only would cost million plus for the tent, decor, travelling and the photo-ops.

Similarly, Amadu Yahuza opined: We love embracing backwardness! Am not against the Special Public Works Programme. Its an exceptional Program. Why the use of local tools instead of making it more advanced.. (Mechanized tools). FG can’t afford those versatile machine, using cutlass is poverty driven!

The Special Works programme is designed to employ 1,000 people from each of the 774 local government areas in the country and will be coordinated by constituted state committees.

The beneficiaries of the programme will also earn N20,000 monthly for three months.


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