The S*xualization and Objectification of Female Children

By Olumide Olugbemi-Gabriel

I see it every time on social media, at parties and in some homes. The child girl, all done with adult make up, elaborate wigs, artificial hair, funny and outlandish ear accessories, phoney eyes lashes, exaggerated eyebrows, s*xy clothes and postures. Some look like expensive models. Others, like mannequins in upscale boutiques. There are some, a bit to the extreme, who look like aspiring s*x workers.

I always feel scared and sad to see these s*xualized categorisations of girls, mostly teens.

Why should a girl child wear lipstick at all? I ask myself. Why should children look like runway models in private and in public? I don’t get it.

Some of my friends do it. Many in ignorance. Some because they think they’re projecting the beauty of their children. Or showing to the world how far they’ve come in life. What a logic.

Meanwhile, while they’re are at it, perverts are taking notes. They’re keeping a tap, waiting for the right time to strike. And in this age of social media and irresponsible parenting, where children have social media handles/accounts, it does not take long for perverts to get to these children, groom them and use them (s*xual exploitation cones in different ways in today’s world.).

Sadly, there are other grave implications following these reckless behaviours and orientation. The victims of these unsavoury and unwarranted s*xualization are sometimes left with an overrated sense of self or worth, which often time is responsible for pushing them into commodifying their own bodies. In some cases, the children become emotionally unstable and grow up into social defiants (with weird s*xual predilection) and uncontrollable youngsters.

I have had cause to call the attention of some of my friends to this problem as it concerned them. Most times, I simply keep quiet, musing about it in the inner recess of my troubled soul.

Even without s*xualization, the female body is already vulnerable from birth to unwanted gaze and touch. It is really sad that those who should know better and protect girls from the dangers associated with being the owners/carriers of vulnerable bodies, are at the forefront of objectifying these bodies even from the cradle. I refer to mothers.

Don’t be a stupid mother. Or a recklessly uninformed father.

If you’re reading this piece, take it as a call to action. The society must commence an action plan to save the girl child from irresponsible parents.

NB: Inspired by the picture of an objectified daughter on my friend’s Facebook story.


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