OPINION: Benefits And Basis Of Boroism

OPINION: Benefits And Basis Of Boroism
OPINION: Benefits And Basis Of Boroism

By Okoi Amadiowei Jacob

Dear Fathers and Mothers, Men and Women, Youths and Children who are here, and others who are far away in some parts of the world but are connected to this Special Programme through Global Networking, I herein employ upon Precious Privileges of Izonism to humbly Call On All Sons and Daughters of Ijaw Origin to rise on our feet, and to Unanimously Observe A Minute Silence in Honour of Our Big Brother and Uncle, Hero and Warlord, Late Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, the Bolou-Tubou of the Ijaw Nation.

May His Sacred Soul continue to Rest with the Lord, we pray in Jesus Christ Holy Name-Amen!

Every Excellency here present, Our Frontier Father and President of the Ijaw National Congress, Dear President of the Ijaw Youth Council, my Royal Respect for Traditional Rulers in our mist, my Recognition of the President of the Ijaw Women Forum, Leaders of Respective Frontier Organizations, my Special Acknowledgment of the Personalities of Sir Morris Alagoa, and Barr Nengi James, Fellow Youths of Ijaw Origin, Wonderful Women and Children of the Ijaw Birth, but a Big Shame Shame Shame Shaaaaaame to Perilous Politicians and Betrayers, Precious Persons of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am kindly considered to share a moment of meaning with the membership of the Ijaw Nation due to precious privileges in Izonism, and not necessarily by merit.

I am therefore grateful to God Almighty who has destined it to be in this concurrence as we gathered here to Mark a Merit in Honour of our Late Warlord, Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, the Bolou-Tubou of the Ijaw Nation!

And I am glad that we are not here to mourn his untimely departure from humanity but to Celebrate his Courage in Planting Possible Propositions for Future Emancipation of Ijaws from Man-Made Maxims of Madness that are being accepted as Conventions by those who are Binary Beneficiaries of our Billions.

I mean those Local and Foreign collaborators who are benefiting broadly from Previous and Present Weaknesses of Ijaws in this faggoted federation.

Dear families of Ijaws, the Story of Isaac Boro is not new to the Ijaw People hence it does not need further narration rather we should be thinking thickly of how to Enlarge his Legible Legacies to Fruition for the basic benefit of the Generality of Ijaws in the nearest future.

This should be the maximum mulching moment that should be mobilising in the mind of every Ijaw Man or Woman, with Seriality of Sleeplessness in our Present Periods in Nigerianism.

Nevertheless, we Ijaws are in Regularity of Royalty, with Abundance of Ornamented Attires of Adoration, Flaunting Flexibly with Features of Fantasy on the surface. But predominantly, Ijaws are the World Most Wretched Set of Humanity in the present period of existence.

I am quickly correct that Nine-Tenth of this Audience will respond in worst to me due to the Elasticity of this Palestine Point I had doused upon my Ijaw populace but anyone who looks at the Ijaw situations with pricking pains will later be a Familiar Friend to me by compliance that my own Ijaw people are still in Jephthah Jubilation with their direly diminishing Dignity in this freezy Federation of Nigerianism.

But a Crowing Question to my Ijaw Family is this. How Permanent will be the Merriment of a Monkey that rejoices over the Love being expressed to him by a Lion when receiving a Ripe Banana from the Lion?

I tensely thought that after getting involved in marking the Celebration of Boro’s Day, the Ijaw Traditional Rulers, the Ijaw Lawyers, the Ijaw Professors and the Ijaw Politicians will Assemble themselves in a Solemn Scene for a Discourse, with appropriate consultations that may result to Conveying of a Deep Delegation to the United Nations, to the African Union, to the Common Wealth, to the British Parliament, to the American Congress as well as to the Nigerian Senate that the Conditions that slotted the Ijaws into the Nigerian Federation are Inimical hence are Intimidating to the Rights and Privileges of the Ijaw People thereby Seeking Secession from Nigerianism through a Referendum.

However most, unfortunately, our Politicians and Elders are still Forcerfully Fanfaring this Foolish Federation to be considered acceptable to Ijaws for Eternity Existence.

The fullness of funs in the role being displayed by our Elders and Politicians is that while their Mates in the North are Strengthening the Course of Nigerian Unity which is being Prepared and Planted Profusely for the Benefit of the Northern Society, our Elders in Ignorance are also Campaigning Candidly for the Sameness of Nigeria whose Oneness is direly detrimental to the Rights and Privileges of our Ijaw People.

And this is Abominably Unacceptable to Ijaws with Sensations of Sensibility!

Dear Ijaw Family, you may agree with me that our Warlord, Isaac Adaka Boro had the most possible opportunity to Sell Out the Ijaw Society in Bias Businesses in order to Advance his Political Interest had He like Some of Us in nowadays Ijaw Society who are Mostly Mobile in betraying the Ijaw Course for Freedom even with the least Peanut Percentage.

This is for the fact that at then, Highly Enlightened Persons were very few in our Ijaw Society hence He was in a purely possible position to betray the Ijaws in order to Gain Political Prominence in Nigerianism.

At then, the Government was even critically close to him hence was very easy for Boro to Accept Acceleration in Politics as to Abandon the Ijaw Course for Freedom but Boro Behaved Bravely and Chose a Cross of Crucifixion because of his Lucrative Love for his God’s Given Natural Identity as an Ijaw Man thus Paid the Piercing Price for the Generations of Ijaws to Enjoy Nationality Nobility but We are here toying turkishly with that Formidable Foundation being Laid to Loudness by our Hero who Rose against Roughness of the Government with his Prime Percentage.

Fellow Ijaw family, as we gathered here in Kaiama, the Home Town of our Late Heroic Son, and with the Aim of Celebrating his Colourful Character annually with our Dignified Degrees and Designations, I am purely pleased to recognize your noble presence in this historical occasion thereby extending my acknowledgement of All Sons and Daughters of Ijaw Origin, who are here in our midst, and those who are connected to us from far away distances of the world for this prestigious purpose.

I therefore serially say, you are all welcome as you share with us the Solidarity Sentiment of Boroism on this fateful day.

Consequently, it is my polarized pleasure to appreciate your expression of affection for the Leftover Legacies of Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro, the Bolou-Tubou of the Ijaw Nation!

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Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen! We have heard a series of narrations about Isaac Boro Struggle towards Ijaw Freedom hence permitting me to avoid further elongation on the characterisation of our Warlord.

Nevertheless herein are some Peppery Points, worthy for consideration whenever this Noble Name, Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro is ruminated in reminiscences in our minds.

That is, if we purely pick up the Bible to answer these Crying Questions which are derived from Sorrowful Situations of our Ijaw Society, we shall unanimously understand the extent of the Ijaw Man’s Mistakes in such a moribund moment in Nigerianism.

  1. Are you sure, Isaac Boro will be highly happy in heart, having seen fellow Ijaws in Palatable Partnership with Oppressors of the Ijaw People in the notorious name of Playing Politics to be popular in Nigerianism?
  2. Will Isaac Boro be highly happy that after Many Years of his Sacrificial Services which resulted to his Untimely departure from humanity, Nobody is boldly busy in Fighting Furiously for the Freedom of Ijaws from Nigerianism?
  3. Will Isaac Boro Not Pick Up A Sledge Hammer to Break your Heads when Ijaw Elders and Politicians are the Ones Shouting the Shameful Slogan of One Nigeria when Six Hundred Billion Naira will be Realized from the Monthly Sales of our Oil and Gas, yet only Ten Billion Naira will be allotted to the Ijaw Society while the rest Billions will be Shared superbly by our Oppressors?
  4. Will Isaac Boro Not Weep Widely into the Ocean when the unfortunate Fractional Funds that is being scratched out for us from the Abundance of the Sales of our Oil and Gas is Stupidly Stolen and Taken to London and Dubai while fellow Ijaw Citizens are in Crawling Conditions in Ijaw Society?
  5. Will Isaac Boro Open His Eligible Eyes to See a Governor in Ijaw Society, Removing Fellow Ijaws from Work without Any Just Course but with the Aim of Gathering Enough Money For his Political Future yet our Elders and even Professors were clapping for him that the Governor was Doing the Right Thing?
  6. How will Isaac Boro Fully Feel, having seen that Ijaws are here Betraying and Fighting Each Other just for Unnecessary Small Small Chieftaincy Titles while there is Full Fledged Fight, Waiting for them Widely at the United Nations with regard to the Ijaw Referendum?
  7. Will Isaac Boro be highly happy that at this Modern Moment, Primary and Secondary Schools in Ijaw Society are in Dilapitated Buildings, and with only Two or Three Teachers Alone yet there are Many Well Qualified Ijaw Graduates, roaming the Streets of Yenagoa in search of Teaching Jobs but Billions of Naira from Ijaw Society are Strongly Stolen by Politicians and Shifted abroad and is dumbed there for Nothingness?
  8. Will Isaac Boro be highly happy to Sign A Seal Against the Ijaw Society with his Big Royal Attire in a Meeting with Management of Multinational Companies because He was Given Fried Chickens and with Small Cash Envelope thereby Being in Alignment with the Federal Government and the Multinational Companies to suffer fellow Ijaws?
  9. Will Isaac Boro be in Dumberation that Many Ijaw Communities are still Inaccessible to Modern Days Transportation after many Years of the Establishment of the Niger Delta Development Commission?
  10. Will Isaac Boro be highly happy that Politicians in Ijaw Society are sponsoring Tugs to Assassinate fellow Ijaw Politicians but had Never Sponsored a Single Attack Against the Oppressors of the Ijaw People who are in Abundance of Enjoyment with our Billions?
  11. Will Isaac Boro be Quickly Quiet when the Ijaw Public Funds is Strongly Stolen to Sponsor the Presidential Election of an Amajiri Candidate against fellow Ijaw Presidential Candidate with the Nonsense Name of Party Politics?
  12. Will Isaac Boro be Sleeping Softly in the Senate when Federal Forces are usually sent to Burn Down Ijaw Homes for the Nonsense Notion of Searching for Criminals while No Northern Community has been Burnt Down by the Federal Forces since the Emergence of Boko Haram Terrorists, Herdsmen and Bandits for being Rigorously Responsible in embarking on Worst Wickedness against Innocent Citizens of human settlements?

Fellow Ijaw Family, there are Thousands of Questions to be derived from the Crowing Cries of our Ijaw People.

Nevertheless, the few herein will serve the purpose of a sample to others in abundance.

I therefore purely plead that our Celebration of Boro’s Legacies should be made Perceptible by Effecting certain Positive Changes in the Lives of fellow Ijaws, especially the Common Category.

I herein humbly suggest that the following Possibilities be kindly considered in our annual marking of Boro’s Day in Ijaw Society.

  1. Bayelsa State Government should offer Hundred Chances of Employment annually to the Common Man in each of the Local Government Areas of the state as a Mark of Honour to Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro.
  2. The Ijaw National Congress Should File Official Case on the Ijaw Sovereignty to the United Nations, Seeking Ijaw Referendum to Secure Freedom from Nigerianism.
  3. The Ijaw Youth Council should secure Some Employment Chances from Banks, Companies and Government Parastatus in Ijaw Society and offer it to Ijaw Indigenes Free of Charge to Qualified and Interested Job-Seekers through Pick and Take Methodology.
  4. Prominent Sons and Daughters of Ijaw Family should offer Scholarship Chances to Ijaw Pupils and Students according to their Respective Capabilities to express Mark of Honour to Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro.
  5. The Ijaw Youth Council should negotiate adequately with Electric Power Supplying Agencies to make sure there Must Be Steady Power Supply throughout Isaac Boro’s Celebration Week as a Mark of Honour to the Ideals of his Struggle.
  6. The Ijaw National Congress, the Ijaw Youth Council and Bayelsa State Government in collaboration with Multinational Companies, should make Transportation Free for All Ijaw Indigenes within the Ijaw Territories on the D-Day of the Celebration of Boro’s Memorial.
  7. The Celebration of Boro’s Day should be Upgraded to Ijaw National Festival Day with Series of Glowing Activities and Events being derived from both the cultural and the advanced Practices of the Ijaw Society as such will help to Unite our Ijaw Indigenes from the different States and the Diasporas as a People of the Same Blood and Birth.
  8. A Special General Wrestling Rally Exhibition should be embarked upon across major Roads and Streets in All the Ijaw States to advertise the Rich Cultural Habits of the Ijaw People.
  9. A Special Funds should be made available for the visiting of the Aged, Orphans and Widows to reflect the Kindheartedness of Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro.
  10. There should be a General Thanks Giving Service to the Glory of God in selected Churches with Specially Printed Singlets of Boro Photographs to express Great Gratitude to God for Blessing the Ijaw Society abundantly with Good People and with Resources of Riches.

Fellow Ijaw Family and Brotherhood, I boldly believed that Celebration of Boro’s Day should be extended beyond the margin of mere Paper Presentation, Dancing and Drinking, as well as displaying of Gorgeous Outfits in Dressing rather we should Do Justice to the Course of his Indelible Ideals with Purposes of Practicality. If it is Thoroughly True that We Love our Late Hero and Warlord, and are Highly Here to Enlarge his Liberal Legacies which were Imbedded in Emancipation of Ijaws from Shackles of Shame and Slavery, I simply suggest that, A Special Street Be Built Gloriously in Yenagoa, with Series of Apartments, and be Kindly Given to Orphans and Widows of Ijaw Origin, with the Appellation: Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro’s Street!

Dear Ijaw Audience, I Totally Thank You All, for offering me your precious Time and Attention in listening to my percentage of pleading in Immortalization of Boro’s Colourful Character in Ijaw Society, which is tagged: Boroism!

Long Live Merits of Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro!
Long Live our unique Ijaw Nation!
And Glory be to God in the Highest!

I am, Okoi Amadiowei Jacob ( Ijaw Ethnicity Rights Activist)

Okoi Amadiowei Jacob is an Ijaw Ethnicity Rights Activist, this speech was presented in reminiscence of the ideals of Late Major-General Isaac Adaka Boro, the Bolou-Tubou of the Ijaw Nation.


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