Okowa’s Wife Goes Tough On Perpetrators Of Violence Against Women

2023 Elections: Let God's Will Be Done - Okowa

The Delta state governor’s wife, Dame Edith Okowa, has said that offenders of violence against women will spend the rest of their life in prison.

Mrs Okowa, who was saddened by tales of violence against women and girls, warned perpetrators that the eventual result might not be pleasant for them.

The governor’s wife, speaking during the 2021 16 Days Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in Asaba, stated that violence against women is underreported owing to fear and humiliation.

According to her, women are at a disadvantage, and as a result, they are easily taken as prey, exploited, and maltreated by men.

She stated that women are subjected to various sorts of abuse, including rape, domestic violence, and human trafficking, and that the belief that women are not heard but only seen has led to the deaths of many.

She claims that most parents whose daughters are raped remain silent due to ignorance or poverty, while some are bribed to remain silent.

She urged all women to work and to give voice to the voiceless women, and she expressed sympathy for victims of brutal abuse.

The governor’s wife, who frowned at how a Divisional Police Officer in Warri handled a rape report, promised the participants that the case will be forwarded to the commissioner of police for appropriate action.

Sharon, a 13-year-old girl, was kidnapped from Warri and carried across the Nigerian border to Accra, Ghana, for s*xual assault.

However, when an activist reported the incident to the DPO in Warri, he apparently downplayed it, asking the activist what his interest was in the subject.

The governor’s wife, who was upset, stated that the DPO should come out and explain why he responded in such a way to the NGO director’s request.


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