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Arogbo Kingdom Loses Out Again as Akeredolu Appoints Ilaje-Ugbo Man as OSOPADEC Chair

Arogbo Kingdom Loses Out Again as Akeredolu Appoints Ilaje-Ugbo Man as OSOPADEC Chair

Arogbo Kingdom Loses Out Again as Akeredolu Appoints Ilaje-Ugbo Man as OSOPADEC Chair.

The usual fanfare that greets the appointment of people into positions in government eluded the Arogbo Ijaw Area of Ondo State as Governor Akeredolu announced the appointment of another ILAJE-Ugbo man as Chairman of the Ondo State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission( OSOPADEC).

This development crumbled their hopes to the ground like a pack of cards after voting massively for Gov Akeredolu and revelled in the promise that, one of their own would be appointed OSOPADEC Chairman.

Prior to the election, the jittery Gov had to woo to his side Senior High Chief Bibipere Ajube who has the resources, influence and good will of the people to mobilize support for him across the Arogbo Ijaw kingdom and the entire Southern Senatorial District and Chief Ajube delivered commendably.

It was gathered that Arogbo people, during the governorship primary, supported Gov Akeredolu more massively than ever before against their own brother, Hon D. I KEKEMEKE, who was also in the contest. Akeredolu was giving 120% support at the governorship primary and same was replicated at the general elections without an atom of support for Hon Alfred Agbo-Ola Ajayi, who was the Governorship candidate of the Zenith Labour Party(ZLP)from the same Ese-Odo Local Government.

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After winning the election, the Arogbo Ijaws begged and expected the gov to appoint one of their own as Chairman of Osopadec this time around because since creation, it has been the llajes heading the commission which the ljaws regard as marginalization and injustice against them. Despite all entreaties, the gov looked the other way and appointed another llaje- Ugbo man as Chairman of the Commission.

According to a source, ‘the Arogbo Ijaws have always supported their neighboring ILAJE brothers for either senate or Reps at different times. When their own Chief Olusola Oke contested for Governor, Hon Kingsley Kuku from the Arogbo extraction provided major support. All these, the llajes have not reciprocated in any way. No Arogbo Ijaw man has been OSOPADEC chairman since its creation in 2001. No Arogbo Ijaw person has been appointed commissioner on the board of NDDC since its creation. No Arogbo ljaw man has been elected Member, House of Representatives. Even the present Reps member who promised to support an Arogbo man for Reps after his second term is also vying for third term’, he added.

While speaking on the development, a community leader, Chief Ebiegberi lamented: we have used everything political opportunity to show the ilajes our love. We have demonstrated extreme love for them in every of their aspirations. Whether they can do same is a question yet to be answered, but we will continue to show that we love them, because God is love and we are brothers. Nature has put us together and there is nothing we can do about it.

Also speaking, Mr Sam Twatimi said: We will speak with their leaders. It is all politics and we will find a political solution to it. All hope is not lost. Let our people be calm. No worries. There will always be a way out.

In the words of an ilaje community leader, Chief Ojuri :‘ To be sincere, the Arogbo people have shown genuine love for us by supporting every of our political aspirations; be it senatorial, house of representatives among others. The last time, they even supported Hon Kolade against their son. What else could they do to show they believe in us and love us. We should think as one people, not as mahin or Ugbo, Arogbo or Apoi. As leaders, all what we need is development and not crisis. ‘We all have not recovered from the last war.’ he added.

According to an Ijaw National Congress(INC) Chieftain who pleaded anonymity : ‘We cannot continue to be marginalised and be saying we are brothers. If those we call our brothers and love do not see us in that light, then we should re- think our beliefs as the reality is done on us now.’

In the same vein, a youth leader, Comr Opere said: ‘we need to renegotiate our relationship with them for peace to reign. Is either we live together as brothers or die apart as fools!

In all, it remains to be seen how political leaders will use their positions to ward off injustice, stamp out sectional sentiments and ensure fairness and equity for the overall development of ILAJE/ ESE-Odo Federal Constituency as the 2023 elections draw closer.

The Tragic Death Of An Ijaw Student, Sylvester Oromoni Jr Would Have Been 12 Today

Sylvester Oromoni Reiterates Family's Commitment To Getting Justice
Sylvester Oromoni Reiterates Family's Commitment To Getting Justice

Sylvester Oromoni (Jnr), a Junior Secondary School two student at Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos, would have turned 12 today if not for his untimely and gruesome death earlier in the week.

Despite his tragic death on Tuesday, his family plan to celebrate his birthday posthumously.

“We will celebrate his birthday on the 4th of December (today). Please, tell Nigerians to join us,” Sylvester junior’s bereaved father, Sylvester Oromoni, said on Thursday; with his voice steeped in grief.

This comes after the Lagos State Government closed the school until further notice on Friday to allow the police to conduct thorough investigations into the circumstances surrounding the teenager’s death.

Following a social media post by his cousin, Perry Oromoni, alleging that he was beaten up by some senior students at the college for refusing to join a cult, word of his death spread quickly on Wednesday.

Sylvester Snr said his late son had complained three months prior about being bullied by one of the senior students.

He went on to say that he had sent his older son to inform the school authorities about the problem and that he had been assured that it would be resolved.

The father said, “Two Sundays ago, we got a call that the boy was hospitalised and had injuries in the legs while playing football with his mates. I sent his guardian to go and pick him up but when he got there he said my son complained of pains all over his body, including his stomach. He kept on complaining but didn’t talk when asked what happened. We saw the fear in him but he refused to talk.”

The guardian – his eldest son – who picked up Sylvester Jnr called to inform him that his condition was critical, according to the father.

He said, “Last week, I went to Lagos to bring him to Warri (Delta State). I flew from Asaba to Lagos. Since this thing happened till he died on Tuesday, he could not sleep throughout the night. He would be complaining of pains in his chest and legs. We did a test and tried to massage his legs. There was no dislocation or fracture; it was his ankle, waist, stomach and thighs that were swollen and his mouth was peeling.

“On Monday, he told us that some senior pupils entered the hostel; five of them – four in SS2 and one in SS1. He said he was on his bed and they entered the hostel and flogged him with a belt. He said he fell from the bed and they kicked him and trampled on his body. I asked why he didn’t tell us all this while but he said he was scared because the seniors had threatened to kill his roommates if any of them revealed what happened. He said the boys told him to lie that he fell while playing with other pupils.”

According to Sylvester, a doctor said the boy had “liver enlargement and that congealed blood had gathered by the side of the liver” after a scan.

Sylvester Jnr was seen writhing in agony and moaning to every move and touch to his legs and back in video clips seen making the rounds.

His ankles were swollen, and blood was caked on his dried lips. As he was escorted to the laboratory and the convenience, he could barely walk.

Our thoughts and prayers at Ijaw News are with the Sylvester Oromoni family at what is a devastating moment for both the family and Nigeria at large.

EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS]

EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS]

It was a black easter celebration for residents of Akina Zion and Asere Communities in the Arogbo axis of Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State as a notorious militant, Mr Mone Kutu, popularly known as MK invaded the two Communities at about 1:am and began to raze down houses.

The notorious militant who is reported to have masterminded various activities of kidnapping, armed robbery and sea piracy among others has been on the trail of security operatives since 4th of October, 2020 when a combined team of men of the Nigeria Army, Navy, DSS and Gallery Security Ltd stormed his camp in the creek of Asere Community.

In the operation that lasted for about an hour, M.K and his boys escaped leaving behind a kidnapped victim who had been in their den for several months.
It was gathered that during the operation, the house of the notorious militant and kidnapper which served as a meeting point for his gang members was burnt down by the army.

Since then, the whereabouts of M.K and his boys remained unknown until yesterday when he invaded the village at midnight and razed down houses of some residents who he had alleged were giving out information about him to security operatives.

As at the time of filing this report, while no casualty has been recorded, a number of houses belonging to the families of late PaTorubinghan, Pa Majaro, Baba Igelila and Mr Menebi Robinson among others were burnt down completely with property running into millions of naira got wantonly destroyed. Some other houses were left partly demolished by the militants

Efforts to reach the DPO in charge of Arogbo Divisional Police headquarters for confirmation and necessary clarifications have been unsuccessful. However, Ijaw News gathered that M.K and his gang members including Mone July, Socopi Ajilo and Longi Eyen who had a field day have since returned to their hideouts threatening to cause further havoc.

See photos below

Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 13 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 14 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 15 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 16 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 17 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 18 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 19 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 20 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 21 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 22 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 23 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories
EXCLUSIVE: Tears, Anguish as Notorious Militant Razes Ijaw Communities in Arogbo Kingdom [PHOTOS] 24 Ijaw News - Niger Delta Stories

Edo Deploys Android App for Plastic Recycling

Edo Deploys Android App for Plastic Recycling

Edo Deploys Android App for Plastic Recycling.

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) in Edo State has urged communities to participate in a plastic trash recycling program in order to reduce indiscriminate disposal of plastic, aluminium, and other non-biodegradable debris.

Dr. Tom Obaseki, Edo NEWMAP‘s Coordinator, made the announcement at a one-day training session on the trial deployment of the “Pick and Sell” Android App.

Edo would be one of the first states in Nigeria to implement the tech-enabled system, according to Obaseki.

He pointed out that the software would allow NEWMAP to retain physical infrastructure built for erosion and flood management, which necessitates a significant amount of public funding.

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Obaseki encouraged NEWMAP Community Interest Groups (CIGs) and other stakeholders attending the session not to let plastic and other non-degradable items choke their newly created drainages and ponds inside their domains and houses.

He stated that the threat presented by trash to NEWMAP infrastructure by plastic must be addressed in order for the purpose of devoting public resources to infrastructure construction to be realized.

Edo Forum Reprimands NULGE Over Derogatory Remarks Against Obaseki

Edo Forum Reprimands NULGE Over Derogatory Remarks Against Obaseki

Edo Forum Reprimands NULGE Over Derogatory Remarks Against Obaseki.

The Edo State Forum of the Association of Heads of Local Government Administration (AHLGA) has described the allegations of corruption and illegalities at the local government level levelled against Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, as a devious and crass display of ignorance of how the third tier of government operates.

The National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) levelled the charge against Obaseki.

According to the AHLGA, the state governor’s creativity has raised Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and improved administration at the local government level.

Mr. Desmond Imonike, Chairman of the AHLGA, Ahonsi Mathias of Ovia North East, and Shaibu Ekha Ademola of Owan East all signed a statement condemning the state’s NULGE Chairman, Mr. Lazarus Adorolo, and insisting that the claims were “not a real representation of governance in the LGA’s.”

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The state governor’s efforts, according to the statement, have boosted the councils’ IGR, allowing them to pay workers’ salaries and carry out development projects.

They also stated that the state government has not included any extraneous factors in the distribution of federal funds and other sources of revenue to the 18 local municipalities that are not allowed by law.

The AHLGA stated that the councils were fully participating in the pre-Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) and the real JAAC, contrary to Adorolo’s claim that they were not involved in income distribution.

It said: “We have read the press statement made by the State President of NULGE and wish to state without equivocation that the statement was made in ignorance without knowing the workings of government.

“First and foremost, we the helmsmen at the 18 local governments participated fully in both the pre JAAC and actual JAAC meetings where the proceeds of the Federation Accounts (FAAC) due to the 18 local governments are shared amongst us.

“At such meetings, there is always a robust debate before decisions are reached and the money distributed accordingly.

“The state government does not introduce any extraneous factor in the sharing outside what is permitted by law.

“On the issue of ten percent internal revenue generated by the state government being added to sharing, it is strange because previous governors from Igbinedion to Oshiomhole have never shared such among councils.

“We are baffled and cannot explain why the state President of NULGE would single out the Obaseki administration as a culprit. This beats our imagination.

“Since April 2021 and due to the Obaseki’s administration efforts at repositioning the councils, salaries are regular and efforts are on top gear to settle the backlogs.

“Due to the present economic crunch, payment of levies at the local levels have dwindled and in addition, the price of crude oil has fallen the resultant effect is the reduction available to the local governments nationwide and Edo State is not an exception.

“So what one would expect from the state president is first and foremost to express his gratitude to the state governor for saving the councils from total collapse and mobilise his members for revenue drive instead of this kind of vituperation, which would do no one any good,” it stated.

IYC Threatens To Move Against Blackmailers Of NCDMB Boss

IYC Threatens To Move Against Blackmailers Of NCDMB Boss

IYC Threatens To Move Against Blackmailers Of NCDMB Boss.

Ijaw youths under the aegis of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) vowed to mobilize against individuals they characterized as opponents of Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB) Executive Secretary Simbi Wabote on Monday.

According to the youths, certain politicians are allegedly behind the present smear campaign against the NCDMB chairman, and their scheme amounts to a case of corruption aimed at undermining President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

The IYC’s spokesman, Ebilade Ekerefe, said in a statement published in Yenagoa on Monday that the anti-Wabote campaign sponsors were using baseless claims of perjury and corruption to discredit Wabote.

As a result, the organisation warned Niger Delta sons and daughters against becoming pawns of a smear campaign aimed at bringing down Wabote, despite the NCDMB’s tremendous successes under his leadership.

It said, “The Ijaw youths in the nine states of the Niger Delta region are ready to stage a peace rally to warn those involved in the frivolous, unwarranted and libelous allegations to desist or face the anger of the youths of the region.

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“This is a political year, politicians should face their politics and leave the technocrats to continue with the technical aspects of keeping the Niger Delta and Nigeria together through policy framework in the oil and gas sector.”

The council called on Buhari to take particular notice of the activities of one Ude Jackson and Timi Frank as “they want to blackmail one of Niger Delta and Nigeria’s best on the platter of sustaining their corrupt practices.”

The statement added: “The Ijaw Youths Council Worldwide, undoubtedly, want to put it on record that Engr. Simbi Kesiye Wabote is our son. And we are proud to stand up anywhere to defend his honour as a hardworking, committed and upright Ijaw man.

“We will resist any attempt by these symbols of corruption to sponsor smear campaign against his person and years of achievements visible even to the blind in the country, and indeed on the African continent.

“Ijaw youths will never allow corruption win where men of upright and good standing hold sway.”

We Will Not Negotiate With Kidnappers – Diri

We Will Not Negotiate With Kidnappers - DiriWe Will Not Negotiate With Kidnappers - Diri

We Will Not Negotiate With Kidnappers – Diri.

Gov. Douye Diri of Bayelsa has ruled out paying a ransom to gain the release of Mr Federal Otokito, the Commissioner for Trade and Investment.

According to the Nigerian News Agency (NAN), Otokito was abducted on Thursday at his country house in Otuokpoti in the state’s Ogbia Local Government Area.

Mr Daniel Alabrah, Diri’s Chief Press Secretary, issued a statement on Monday urging state youths to avoid abduction, which the governor termed as counter-productive.

Diri demanded the commissioner’s immediate and unconditional release, promising that the state’s anti-kidnapping legislation will be strictly enforced.

He said, “I left Yenagoa for Abuja and within the period one of my cabinet members was kidnapped. A lot of people expected me to make statements but I am not a man of too many words.

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“I advise those who settle scores by kidnapping and criminality that there are laws of Bayelsa State against kidnapping.

“Let me call on those that kidnapped my Commissioner of Trade and Investment to immediately release him without any conditions.

“I have been on it from the beginning till now and I will ensure that he is released unhurt.

“I advise all others involved in that criminal, ungodly and inhumane act to have a change of mind and leave that illegitimate business.’’

FG Indefinitely Suspends Plan To Remove Fuel Subsidy

FG Indefinitely Suspends Plan To Remove Fuel Subsidy

FG Indefinitely Suspends Plan To Remove Fuel Subsidy.

The Federal Government has postponed the proposed removal of fuel subsidy, as announced by Zainab Ahmed, Minister of Finance, Budget, and National Planning.

The Minister said the ban is in effect until further notice at a meeting at the National Assembly in Abuja on Monday.

Remember Ijaw News reported that the Minister of State for Petroleum, Timipre Sylva, has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari does not favour the elimination of the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit, also known as petrol.

The Minister added that the impact on Nigerians is one of the reasons why the Federal Government is not considering eliminating gasoline subsidies.

He said, “Of course, we all know that it is a desirable policy direction. Of course, we know that it will have some impacts on the people and that is why we are trying to work out some of those things.

“Until those details are worked out properly with (the organised) labour, and with all the stakeholders in the sector, we will not remove the subsidy. At this moment, it is not on our plate, I can tell you that.

“This is something that needs to be worked out between the Federal Government and the states because this is a federation issue. We are working with the governors to see how we can continue with this policy direction of subsidising fuel for the foreseeable future.”

Two Murdered As Suspected Terrorists Attack Ondo Community

Two Murdered As Suspected Terrorists Attack Ondo Community

Two Murdered As Suspected Terrorists Attack Ondo Community.

On Sunday evening, a group of individuals suspected of being terrorists shot and killed two persons in Okeluse Community, Ose Local Government Area, Ondo State.

The dead were described as the proprietor of a local gas station and his attendant.

The shooters invaded the hamlet about 6 p.m., according to an eyewitness, and started fire on the deceased.

On the condition of anonymity, another resident of the neighbourhood characterized the killers as Fulani herdsmen who had been terrorizing the local government.

Mrs Funmilayo Odunlami, the state police command’s public relations officer, acknowledged the event but said she would give further facts as soon as she had them.

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Fulfil Your Promise, Inaugurate NDDC Board – Niger Delta Group Urges Buhari

Fulfil Your Promise, Inaugurate NDDC Board - Niger Delta Group Urges Buhari
Fulfil Your Promise, Inaugurate NDDC Board - Niger Delta Group Urges Buhari

Fulfil Your Promise, Inaugurate NDDC Board – Niger Delta Group Urges Buhari.

In line with the legitimate demands of genuine Niger Delta stakeholders, the Niger Delta Peoples’ Forum has once again urged President Muhammadu Buhari to follow the law that established the NDDC, to keep his promise of June 24, 2021, and to inaugurate the substantive board that will manage the Commission for the benefit of the people of the nine Niger Delta states.

According to Chief Boma Ebiakpo, the group’s National Chairman, the most pressing issue that genuine Niger Delta stakeholders have consistently demanded, and on which even the President has promised and made commitments, is to end the illegal Interim Management / sole administratorship at the NDDC and inaugurate the Board of the Commission upon receipt of the forensic audit, in accordance with the law, as he promised the nation on June 24, 2021.

President Buhari’s silence on his promise to inaugurate the NDDC Board in accordance with the law and in fulfillment of his own promise of June 24, 2021, according to NDPF, is of grave concern to Niger Deltans because it demonstrates the government’s continued disregard for the region as well as its unwillingness to submit to transparency in administering NDDC.

Recall that on June 24, 2021, while hosting the Ijaw National Congress (INC) at the State House in Abuja, President Buhari told the country that the NDDC Board would be inaugurated as soon as the forensic audit report was completed and accepted.

The President said: ‘‘Based on the mismanagement that had previously bedeviled the NDDC, a forensic audit was set up and the result is expected by the end of July, 2021. I want to assure you that as soon as the forensic audit report is submitted and accepted, the NDDC Board will be inaugurated.”

The Forensic audit report has been with President Muhammadu Buhari since September 2, 2021, according to Ebiakpo, prompting the Ijaw National Congress to warn that “any further delay in the inauguration of the NDDC Board is a clear betrayal of trust and display of state insensitivity on Ijaw nation and Niger Delta region.” 

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The current situation in NDDC, which has been ongoing for over two years, is that there is an illegal sole administrator who serves as Managing Director, Executive Director of Finance, and Executive Director of Projects, in clear violation of the NDDC Act, which requires the separation of these duties to ensure checks and balances.

The Niger Delta Peoples’ Forum stated that the continued administration of the NDDC by the Interim Management Committee/Sole Administrator is illegal because the NDDC Act makes no provision for this. The NDDC Act only states that the Board and Management of the NDDC should follow the provisions of the law at all times, which states that the Board and Management are to be appointed by the President, subject to Senate confirmation. Nobody is supposed to start administering the NDDC and using the large amounts flowing to it on a monthly basis, according to the organization, without first passing through this legal process as provided in the NDDC Act.

The group pointed out that, while the North East Development Commission (NEDC) has been allowed to operate with a duly constituted Board in place in accordance with the NEDC Act, ensuring proper corporate governance, accountability, checks and balances, and fair representation of its constituent states, the NDDC has been run arbitrarily in the last two years by Interim committees/sole administrators, in violation of the NDDC Act.

As a result, the Niger Delta Peoples’ Forum stated that it supports the demands of genuine Niger Delta stakeholders, including ending the illegal Interim Management/sole administratorship at the NDDC, establishing the NDDC Governing Board in accordance with the NDDC Act to represent the nine constituent states, and ensuring proper corporate governance, accountability, transparency, and probity in the Commission’s management.

APC Faults Wike’s Attack On FG Over Soot

APC Faults Wike's Attack On FG Over Soot

APC Faults Wike’s Attack On FG Over Soot.

The Rivers All Progressives Congress (APC) has slammed Governor Nyesom Wike‘s claims that the federal government had done little to ease the state’s soot problem.

Senibo Chris Finebone, the party’s State Publicity Secretary, said it was irresponsible for the Governor to blame the Federal Government of inactivity when he had not taken any real steps that required collaboration.

Finebone accused the Governor of seeking to profit politically from his fight against soot, claiming that such motivation would stymie the state’s attempts to solve the problem.

He claimed it was irresponsible for Wike to begin blaming the environmental crisis on everyone but himself given the state’s inactivity for many years.

He did, however, accept that Wike’s charges against security personnel were credible and that the authorities should look into them.

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He said: “Whereas the accusation against some security personnel may have some substance worthy of investigation, it is rather most unintelligent for the governor who heads a subnational government to blame the federal government for inaction on the deadly soot in Rivers State when the State government has not initiated any concrete action requiring synergy with the federal government.

“Indeed, government-to-government business is not conducted based on off-the-cuff comments of a governor at functions or events. Can the Rivers State Government provide proof of Save Our Souls (SOS) memos initiated by it and addressed to the FG through Federal Ministry of Environment calling for the central government’s intervention on the matter? That is how government-to-government business is conducted.

“Very significant is that, after all said and done, the fact that a State under the ravaging whirlwind of soot does not have a sitting Cabinet Commissioner for Environment smells real bad and is self-indicting.

“It means that the very dangerous health risk will not be routinely brought by official memo to be discussed at the State Executive Council meetings except if the governor remembers to table it. Apparently, this has been the sad situation so far.

“Truth is that the governor never considered the soot descending on Port Harcourt and environs important enough for 6 years until now. All the APC is saying is that the governor should be honest enough to take responsibility for doing nothing for over six years even as citizens cried for help.

“The Governor should not merely go after grasshoppers while leaving the elephants to continue with their alternative economy that inflicts havoc on the lives of residents of the State. It should not be seen as a ready opportunity to rope in innocent political opponents particularly now that the local government chairmen are major drivers of the fight.

“APC will always support any genuine and honest steps taken by all levels of government be it the federal, state and local to stem this very horrendous soot ravaging our people and residents of Rivers State especially Port Harcourt. Our only concern is that any attempt to use it for political witch-hunt of opponents will backfire and defeat the purpose”.

Okowa Assures Of Transparent PDP Primaries

Okowa Assures Of Transparent PDP Primaries

Okowa Assures Of Transparent PDP Primaries.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta State chapter, promised on Saturday at a carnival-like mega event at The Cenotaph in Asaba that the party’s gubernatorial candidate will be chosen in a free, fair, and transparent primary election.

While declaring the rally open, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa urged the over 15 aspirants to keep their supporters under control as the political space opens, stating, “We are one, your following should not begin to fight.”

While greeting APC defectors, Okowa praised the state PDP Chairman, Chief Kingsley Esiso, for his efforts in expanding the party’s political tentacles, stating, “This rally has made a statement that the PDP is prepared and united to win the 2023 election. Hence, we must continue to work with love as one family, unlike the other party, where they fight with bitterness and acrimony.”

He also declared that his administration will continue to create additional infrastructure, adding that “we are not going to slow down until May 2023,” when he leaves office.

Former governor of the state, Chief James Ibori, had earlier in his speech urged for an open atmosphere for all political aspirants to pursue their goals without interference.

He praised Okowa for establishing a level playing ground for all candidates, stating that his stewardship of the state will extend beyond next year.

Ibori reaffirmed his loyalty to the state, the PDP, and the country, while praising Okowa’s developmental achievements, which he claims have drawn defectors out of the woods.

Former state APC chairman, Cyril Ogodo; former Delta North Senatorial District chairman, Ben Onwuka; publicity secretary, Sylvester Imonina; Patrick Okonkwo; member of the APC Elders and Leaders Council, Victor Sorokwu, among others, they witnessed defections at the event, which featured all governorship aspirants as well as those aspiring for other positions in the coming elections.

They were welcomed into the PDP at a solemn ceremony.

In his speech, one of the defectors, Ogodo, noted that the same hands that established the APC in the state were now working hard to destroy the same party.

While greeting the decampees, Esiso estimated that their actions had eliminated all opposition in the state.

He accused the APC of being anti-people, accusing the party of bringing poverty, instability, and other vices into the political system.

“APC campaign with change, but the change we saw is negative in all ramifications,” he said, adding that the failures of the ruling party at the centre have resulted in large number of its members joining the PDP.”

“As you can see, today is harvest day for us as a party, and we are celebrating the exit of the opposition.”

On his part, Imonina said: “I was the greatest critic of the Okowa-led government, but on a second thought, I have to join the party to support the governor for a great and united Delta.”

Following the migration of former APC faithful who joined him to pitch tent with the state’s ruling party, he termed his withdrawal from the party as an eclipse of the party. “There is nothing left for APC.” In reality, APC has devolved into a cadaver, and nothing would be able to resurrect it in the state.”

Kingsley Otuaro, Deputy Governor; Chief Ndudi Elumelu, Minority Leader, House of Representatives; Senator James Manager, and Senator Stella Omu, former Senate Chief Whip, were among those who spoke during the gathering.

Dangote Refinery To Begin Oil Production Third Quarter

Dangote Refinery To Begin Oil Production Third Quarter

Dangote Refinery To Begin Oil Production Third Quarter.

Dangote oil refinery will begin processing crude in the third quarter of this year, with mechanical work completed and hydro-testing at 70%, nearly complete.

This was revealed over the weekend when Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the President of the Dangote Group, led Akinwumi Adesina, the President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), and board members of the bank on a tour of the Dangote refinery and fertiliser projects in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

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He stated that the final equipment needed to clean up the project has arrived and that the plant will begin with a processing capacity of 540,000 barrels per day, with full production beginning by the end of the year or early in 2023.

In turn, Adesina stated that he is willing to assist African businesses under the free trade agreement.

He also praised Dangote for his business acumen and faith in Nigeria, which led to his massive investment in the country.