NATO Allies To Provide More Weapons To Ukraine

NATO Allies To Provide More Weapons To Ukraine.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Friday that the alliance was deploying sections of its combat-ready response force to Ukraine and would continue to supply weaponry, including air defenses, despite Russia’s attempts to destabilize the Ukrainian government.

“We see rhetoric, the messages, which is strongly indicating that the aim is to remove the democratically elected government in Kyiv,” he told a news conference following a virtual meeting of NATO leaders.

He added that several of the 30 NATO allies had declared the types of weapons they will provide Ukraine, including air defenses, but he did not elaborate.

“Allies are very committed to continue to provide support,” he said.

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NATO’s quick response force, which consists of land, air, marine, and special operations forces, is being deployed on allied territory, according to Stoltenberg.

“We are now deploying the NATO response force for the first time in the context of collective defence,” he said.

Separately, Germany announced the deployment of a company of troops to Slovakia, where they will form part of a new NATO battlegroup that will be formed.

“We are working on quickly sending a company to Slovakia,” German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht told German public TV ZDF after talks with her Slovak counterpart.

A company typically consists of 150-200 troops.

Germany will also send a Patriot missile defense battery, as well as 300 troops to manage it, to NATO’s eastern frontier. It wasn’t clear where the system would end up right away.


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