Mosogar Kingdom Announces Death Of Monarch, Declares 3 Months Of Mourning

Mosogar Kingdom Announces Death Of Monarch, Declares 3 Months Of Mourning
Mosogar Kingdom Announces Death Of Monarch, Declares 3 Months Of Mourning

Mosogar Kingdom in Delta State’s Ethiope West Local Government Area has formally announced the death of their monarch, HRM Samson Okirhioboh Imoyin-Omene, Udurhie I, as well as a three-month period of mornings.

The monarch died on November 21, 2021, according to the kingdom, as stated in a speech delivered by Chief Ighoyota Amori, Otota of Mosogar during a meeting of the kingdom on Saturday.

He explained that his first son, Prince Darwin Obukohwo Imoyin-Omene, came to previously inform him that HRM, Samson Okirihioboh Imoyin-Omene Udurhie 1, had heeded and accepted the invitation of his ancestors by joining them where he hopes to continue his life outside of this physical planet earth, accompanied by Chiefs/Elders of HRM’s family (Chief Felix Oboko Imoyin-Omene, Dr. Wilson Odafe Imoyin-Omene amongst others.)

He said that in light of the tragic news, a three-month period of mourning has been announced, commencing on December 18, 2021, and must be honoured by all sons and daughters of Mosogar Kingdom, wherever they are in the globe.

According to him, “within this period of mourning, no burial ceremony is allowed to take place anywhere in the kingdom; no marriage ceremony/celebration is permitted within the kingdom; no festival of any sort is permitted within the kingdom.

“The wearing of white dresses within the kingdom is forbidden and sanctionable; all Traditional Chiefs are forbidden from wearing single or tripled or multiple Aghighors (round beads); only two rounded beads (Aghighors) is allowed to be worn by chiefs on their necks; the kingdom flag is to be flown at half-mast in strategic places during the period of mourning in the kingdom.

“The wearing of the King’s brooch is recommended for all sons and daughters of the kingdom and their sympathisers; the Eghweyas and Inotus are to adorn their mourning dresses throughout the period; holding of markets on market days will continue, but one market day is set aside before the burial where market will not hold.

“No open celebration in any hotel/recreation/entertainment centres is allowed during this period of mourning; it is expected that all Mosogar sons and daughters (no matter his or her societal status) will conduct themselves peacefully by obeying and
observing all the rules as already laid out in this press briefing as doing otherwise will attract severe traditional punishments,” he added.

He stated that until a new king is appointed, the kingdom’s affairs would be governed by the Ovie-in-Council with the Otota as Acting Head in partnership with the Oguedion Council of Elders and Chiefs, as per the decree creating the kingdom.

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He further noted that during the interim period, the Ovie-in-Council will execute such functions, and the Otota of the kingdom will serve as the kingdom’s Chief Spokesman.

He stated that a funeral committee comprised of members from around the kingdom will be formed soon to prepare and execute the late monarch’s 21-day burial ceremonial.

He said that establishing the Mosogar empire with an Ovie was difficult. It had been a long road to freedom.

“Our struggle for independence/self-determination was based on our chequered history as people who migrated from Agbarha-Otor along with our neighbours from Idjerhe and Oghara clans, at different times, while Idjerhe settled in Idjerhe, Mosogar settled in Mosogar and Oghara crossed over to settle in Oghara.

“By 2006, the request was approved by the House of Assembly/Executive and signed into law by His Excellency, Chief James Onanefe Ibori, the then governor of Delta State, and also published in the state gazette with an Ovie as the Traditional Head and Otota (Prime Minister) as Next-in-Command in the newly created Mosogar kingdom. As expected from our neighbours, there,
“Following the creation of Mosogar Clan in 2006, and as gazetted, we now started the process of selecting and installing a king that will rule over us as provided for in the Customary Declaration Law regulating succession to the title of the Ovie of Mosogar kingdom. After completing all the traditional processes, a new king in the person of HRM Samson Okirhioboh Imoyin-Omene was eventually installed and presented a Staff of Office in February 2007 by Chief James Obori ably represented by His Excellency, Chief B.S.E Elue, the then Deputy Governor of Delta State.

“Under the reign of our Monarch, our kingdom witnessed lots of peace and development; the kingdom has enjoyed a lot of infrastructural developments, several new roads, schools, light, water, cottage hospitals/maternities, Customary/Magistrate Courts, appointments/promotions, oil/gas exploration/exploitation activities etc have been witnessing in the Kingdom. He was the Vice-chairman of the State Traditional Rulers Council. He was a monarch of easy disposition with good listening ears.”


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