Kyiv Official Claims Putin Has Fired Right Generals Over FSB Failures

Kyiv Official Claims Putin Has Fired Eight Generals Over FSB Failures.

Vladimir Putin has removed his top generals and is ‘enraged’ at the FSB after his soldiers suffered a series of humiliating setbacks in the early days of the conflict in Ukraine due to inadequate intelligence and planning.

Since the start of the war, ‘about eight’ Russian commanders have been sacked, according to Oleksiy Danilov, the director of Ukraine’s security council, as Moscow scrambles to adjust policy after its attempted’shock and awe’ assault failed.

Putin is also claimed to be furious at FSB security service leaders, whom he used to lead, for passing him intelligence implying that Ukraine was weak, infested with neo-Nazi gangs, and would surrender quickly if invaded.

Putin is clearly’very unhappy,’ according to Philip Ingram, a security specialist and former top British intelligence official, who told The Times that he is blaming his intelligence institutions.

‘He blames them for seeding him the advice that led to the poor decision-making in Ukraine,’ he said.

Because of its poor decision-making, Russia has suffered many more casualties than it anticipated during its two-week-long campaign.

When Moscow sent in light forces supported by airstrikes to secure key locations in the early days, it appears that it expected minimal opposition, but was confronted with severe counter-attacks.

Although precise figures are difficult to come by, Ukraine thinks Russia has lost close to 12,000 men in the last two weeks. It is estimated to be between 6,000 and 9,000 in Europe, and up to 3,000 in the United States, according to intelligence.

Whatever is true, it is almost definitely more than Putin expected when he started the operation in the hopes of ending the battle in a matter of days.

‘We have a clear understanding of what plans the enemy has now,’ Danilov said on Ukrainian state TV today.

‘They have changed them a little since the beginning of the war, which they wanted to win in 2-3 days and march [into Kyiv]. It hasn’t happened and never will.

‘They changed their leadership. They had about 8 generals removed from their posts because they did not complete the task. Now new ones have been appointed.

‘We clearly understand what is happening in the Russian Federation. Moreover, I can say that they are desperate.’

It’s unclear why Russian information acquired before to the Ukrainian operation was so inadequate.One option, according to Andrei Soldatov, who has been monitoring the Russian secret service for two decades, is that the organization is just unfit for function.

According to him, most FSB agents are hired as legacy hires because their parents or grandparents were agents, and they are pulled from mainstream schools to be schooled in-house.

This is in contrast to western security agencies, which tend to hire from prestigious institutions or colleges to ensure they get the best of the best.

‘The problem is that it is too risky for superiors to tell Putin what he doesn’t want to hear, so they tailor their information,’ he said.

‘The tailoring probably takes place somewhere between the rank of colonel and general in the FSB.’

The new assessment comes following reports that the Russian military is switching tactics to’medieval’ siege warfare, which it has used in past battles such as Syria, after attempting a quick advance on critical locations in the early days of the campaign.

Russian advances have’slowed dramatically’ in recent days, according to Ukrainian commanders, as Russian forces have suffered losses and switched tactics to encircling and bombing towns into submission.

Mariupol, in the south, has been ringed and shelled for days, with a maternity facility in the city attacked on Wednesday, killing three people, including a six-year-old girl, and injuring 17 others.

In the east, the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy were bombarded overnight, killing seven people, including three children, as Russian soldiers attempted to encircle them.

Putin’s forces also attempted to advance into the outskirts of Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, with two unsuccessful strikes on the city on Wednesday.

After being detected heading down a key route, one was ambushed by artillery and UAV attacks via Brovary in the east, with intercepted radio talk claiming a regiment commander was killed.

Fighting broke out overnight in another area, through Irpin in the west, although Kyiv reported a counter-offensive was begun on Thursday, with skirmishes continuing until the early hours.

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