Koko Residents Tell Olare-Aja To Leave DPO Alone

Koko Residents Tell Olare-Aja To Leave DPO Alone.

Residents of Koko, the administrative center of the Warri Local Government Area in Delta State, protested on Friday over the Olare-Aja, Pa Richwell Atsenuwa’s plea for the Divisional Police Officer, SP Othuke Omenuwona, to be fired.

Hundreds of people flocked to the streets to criticize Olare-Aja for leading a demonstration against the Divisional Police Officer.

Pa Atsenuwa staged a demonstration against the DPO at the Koko Police Division last Wednesday, seeking for his resignation and citing inducement over various community concerns he was supposed to have handled.

The demonstrators, who held posters that read, “Koko DPO is doing what is right,” “Olare-Aja should stop bullying the police,” and “we have known peace since this DPO came,” claimed that it was not the Olare-place Aja’s to demand the police officer’s departure.

The protesters demanded that the state government bring the Olare-Aja to order, claiming that the DPO was merely doing his job. They claimed that the Koko village has not known peace since his appearance as Olare-Aja.

Elder E. O Daibo, speaking on behalf of the demonstrators, said the DPO should be left alone and allowed to stay in Koko, claiming that the community has remained peaceful since his transfer to the Koko Police Division.

Olori Ebi Olomu said; “those who want the DPO out know what they are afraid of, he has been upright in his duty so we want the relevant authorities to disregard the call for his removal”.

The Secretary of Koko Community Management Authority, Mr David Olayinka Atie, who also spoke to newsmen, said; “some persons whom the police have been looking for, on Wednesday gathered under the watch of the Olara-Aja to orchestrate what they call a protest against a policeman that has brought a new definition to policing.

“It’s shocking that the Olara-Aja is thinking that before the DPO should do his work, he must be informed first. The DPO takes order from the Commissioner of Police in extension, the Inspector General, so that idea is laughable”.

Mr Collins Aburime who also spoke said; “we have been enjoying peace in the community until August 1st 2020 when this Pa Richwell Atsenuwa was installed as the Olare-Aja of the community.

“Since he came into power, is either one issue or the other”.

Mr Samuel Meyiwa Khalil, the Secretary of the Warri Local Government Council, reacted to the situation by calling the protest against the DPO “shocking.”

He said; “last year, the state government took a position on the crisis rocking the Koko community in conjunction with the Olare-Aja (the oldest man in the community) agreed that those suspended should be reinstated to complete their one year, five months tenure, so I don’t know why some persons who are hellbent on causing a crisis in Koko are doing this, the police has no problem in this issue, the case has been settled in line with the what the government thinks will bring a lasting solution to the issue”.

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