'IYC Zone Lauds Appointment Of Sole Administrator For NDDC'

Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, the Governor of Abia State, has been criticized by youths of Ijaw ethnicity for abandoning the people of the Ndoki clan in Abia State.

Comrade Sampson Belle, the leader of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), in Ndoki clan, issued a powerful statement on Wednesday, frowning strong against the Governor ‘I don’t care’ attitude towards the Ijaw speaking people of the state.

The statement, which used strong language, accused the Governor Ikpeazu of Abia State of relegating and abandoning the people of Ndoki after they helped him gained more votes to aide his election as Governor.

The statement reads;

Marginalisation of Ndoki people in the present administration of Abia state government is really worrisome, appointing an Ndoki man as a commissioner for culture and tourism, of all the portfolios is very humiliating. This is not acceptable to the people of Ndoki Clan and Late, Dr. Solomon Nkem Ogunji whom Mr Governor claimed to be your dear friend during his lifetime, but has turned around and marginalised his people.

The death of our beloved brother, Late Dr. Solomon Ogunji, and his missing presence in this dispensation of Abia state government is a serious loss to Ndoki people, we are pained.

His Excellency Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu PhD, it’s obvious that you have forgotten so soon the struggle, fight, and support of late Dr. Solomon Ogunji and the entire Ndoki people, which led to your emergence as the executive governor of Abia state. I am still wandering where and how the Ndoki people went wrong.

After your executive council meeting held on 26th day of October, 2021 how many roads, and government infrastructures was awarded in Ndoki Clan counting from the onset i.e, since the inception of your Administration?

Well let it be on record that our struggle and support for you was in vain since we are not remembered during appointments of meaningful positions in your administration and awarding of roads and infrastructures for construction. Our roads are so dilapidated, death traps, and not motorable at all.

Coming from Aba, Opobo road through Azumini is no go area, coming through Obehie to Azumini is not different, many have been thinking and asking kind of crime Ndoki people must have committed against this Dr. Ikpeazu that is unpardonable, at the same time still praying to God to vindicate our people.

A very big lessen to us “Ndoki people”

Comr. Sampson Belle,
IYC Ndoki Clan.


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