After God, We Should Commend Buhari - Amaechi
After God, We Should Commend Buhari - Amaechi

The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide has expressed its disappointment with President Muhammadu Buhari for the continued delay in establishing a substantive Board for the NDDC in accordance with the NDDC Establishment Act, as well as the failure to make public the entire forensic audit report “without any political attachments” for all Nigerians to see.

President of IYC Worldwide, Peter Igbifa, addressed a press conference to usher in the new year, stating that the Council will engage and mount consistent pressures on the government to make the forensic audit report public without any political attachments, to inaugurate the NDDC Board, and to build confidence in the IOCs that have released so much funds.

Igbifa insinuated that President Buhari was shockingly silent on the NDDC Board inauguration at the University of Uyo Hostel commissioning last week, an apparent delay tactic on the NDDC Board inauguration simply to elongate the ongoing illegality of administering the Commission with a sole administrator contravention in breach of the NDDC Establishment Act.

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The group accused the President’s advisors of scheming to extend the unconstitutional Sole Administratorship arrangement so that the Commission could be used to “generate cash for the 2023 elections.”

“The Buhari that the common Nigerian knows would have inaugurated the NDDC board for the Niger Delta people who gave him the good will of regional peace like no other,” the IYC President added.

The Council further stated that “intelligence reveals that the forensic audit report is being used for political negotiations as per 2023 under the very watch of Mr. Integrity wherein they will ask some indicted politicians to decide whether to go to jail or step down from contesting.”


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