Ijaw Traditional Rulers Insist No Zoning In Delta State

Ijaw Traditional Rulers Insist No Zoning In Delta State.

Zoning does not exist in Delta State, according to Ijaw Traditional Rulers. His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) Joseph Timiyan JP, Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha kingdom, spoke on behalf of the group’s chairman, His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) Joseph Timiyan JP, Ebenanaowei of Ogulagha kingdom, who warned Deltans not to be duped by politicians’ zoning agreements.

The word zoning has been on everyone’s lips as the political possibilities around the upcoming 2023 gubernatorial elections in Delta State.

According to some, zoning or power rotation among the senatorial zones or tribes of Delta state has been agreed upon.

However, some claim that zoning isn’t the same as “gentleman’s agreement,” and that what is acquired is a “gentleman’s agreement.”

Delta State Ijaw Traditional Rulers Council, speaking on the topic of zoning, noted that no politician has ever consented to zone for the number one political post in Delta State, adding that politicians of all tribes have always fought the gubernatorial election regardless of any agreement.

The chairman, Ijaw Traditional Rulers Council, His Royal Majesty, Elder (Capt.) Joseph Timiyan JP, Ebenanonwei of Ogulagha kingdom, said: “We all know that it is not about zoning. So, nobody can come and be giving this particular order even though we are not directly involved in this politics.  From Ibru to Ibori to Udughan to Okowa, we know that people are always participating when the time comes for elections. We will not allow anybody to deceive us that it is zoning because if it is zoning, then no other people will contest. If it is zoning, if it is zoned to Delta-North, no other zone either Delta South or any zone will contest. That is what is called zoning.”

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This was revealed by the monarch during a consultative visit to the Isoko Traditional Rulers Council at the palace of the Odio-Ologbo of Owhe kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Romanus Ejiremene Inana, who is the Vice-Chairman of Isoko Traditional Rulers in Isoko North Local Government Area, to solicit support for Ijaw aspirants in the 2023 gubernatorial election in Delta State.

He stated that the Ijaws and the Isokos are brothers, and that they must join hands and work together to develop peace and harmony among themselves, given that they already intermarry.

The Odio-Ologbo of Owhe kingdom, speaking on the occasion, claimed that Isokos will accept the proposal, but he urged the Ijaw monarch to make it plain to the Isoko people what they will gain if they back an Ijaw candidate for governor in 2023.

He also wondered how the people of Isoko could support an Ijaw son for governor while still supporting Senator James Manager, who represents the Delta South Senatorial District and has been there for decades.

The Isoko monarch stated that the Isoko people do not want to play second fiddle in politics, but rather want to take center stage, and that they will not support the Ijaw people now if they will have nothing to show for it tomorrow.

Senator James Manager may not run for Senate in 2023, according to the Ijaw monarch and his fellow Ijaw traditional chiefs, because he is one of the Ijaw sons hoping to be governor of the state.

He also mentioned that James Manager is not only from Ijaw, but also Isoko.

He did point out, though, that if the Isoko have a candidate they wish to promote, they may bring him or her to the Ijaw people for support.


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