Ijaw Christian Leaders Honour GbaramatuVoice Publisher

Ijaw Christian Leaders Honour GbaramatuVoice Publisher
Ijaw Christian Leaders Honour GbaramatuVoice Publisher

Jacob Abai, the Publisher of GbaramatuVoice Newspapers, has received the Ijaw Christian Association of Nigeria’s (ICAN) Media Personality of the Year award.

ICAN, led by Pastor Ekpolade Eyiki, gave the award during the Ijaw day of prayer and worship held at Shell Ramp in Warri Delta State over the weekend.

The award is granted to the Publisher as a consequence of his outstanding achievement in presenting Ijaw identity and community news in the Niger Delta, according to the association’s Patron, Rev. Emmanuel Imeleye.

GbaramatuVoice is one of the most regarded media outlets in the Niger Delta area, according to Imeleye, which is why the organization felt it was appropriate to honour the media company with an award.

He encourages Jacob Abai to continue his reporting, emphasizing that this honour is given to him in order for him to accomplish more throughout the globe in terms of Nigeria.
Mr Enaibo Asiayei, the General Manager of Gbaramatu Publishing Company Limited, who accepted the prize on behalf of the publisher, praised the association’s efforts for their recognition.

Asiayei, who noted that the media company was founded in 2015, added that its heritage is recognized by those who believe in it and that Mr Abai was honoured on that tremendous honour.

He said “The media house was established in 2015 our legacy is known to people who believe in us, it is that great honour, Mr Jacob Abai was awarded.

“We greatly appreciate the organizers for this, The Ijaw Christian Association of Nigeria as the award symbolizes a commitment to community development and peacebuilding. As a media house, we will respond in the media way, that you all know.”

“To receive the award on behalf of my boss, I have nothing else to say than to dedicate the award to God Almighty for hard work, devotion and ambition in telling the Niger Delta story.

“Community projections in our own stories become so difficult, different people strive to tell the Niger Delta story, but some find it difficult to sail on, but others still continue.

“Some stand on the legacies of some people who want to be part of the Niger Delta story, aspirations, determinations, that is the symbol Jacob Abai represents to the people of the Niger Delta region,” he added.

This year’s Ijaw Day of Prayer and Praise featured ministration, praise, and prayer for the Ijaw nation’s progress.


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