Ijaw Agitation To Produce Delta Governor In 2023 Misplaced - Group

The Ijaw Mandate Group, a foremost association of Ijaws in Delta State have described agitations for an Ijaw person to take over the reins of Delta state in 2023 as misplaced and wrongly timed.

The group in a paper read by its Coordinator, Dagidi Andaye, said producing a governor in 2023 was not feasible and runs against the policy of power rotation of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) among the three senatorial districts in the state.

During a visit to Delta Central 2023 (DC-23) lobby group at Mosogar in Ethiope West Local Government Area of the state, the group maintained that by the order of precedence of the senatorial rotation, 2023 was unarguably the turn of the Delta Central Senatorial District. 

Andaye, noted that the action of those clamouring for an Ijaw governor in 2023 amounted to scuttling and frustrating the proper Ijaw Agenda come 2031, stressing that then would be the rightful turn and time for Delta South Senatorial District to produce the state governor. 

The group revealed that its decision to endorse Delta Central Senatorial District for the 2023 governorship was reached after due consultation with the President of Ijaw National Congress (INC), Prof. Benjamin Okaba, the Delta Ijaw Elders, traditional rulers and other major stakeholders.

Andaye said that “the Ijaw Agenda for Governor should be subsumed under senatorial power rotation order, formulated by the PDP, which is the surest way to actualising it, and in doing that, the space-time and the apparent realities of the PDP should be critically considered and adhered to.”

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Continuing, he stated that “the present frontrunners for the agitation to become Governor, come 2023, are all unmistakably, truly Ijaw sons and eminently qualified in all ramifications to contest and be Governor of Delta State. But it is amazing and shocking to reveal that these sons of Ijaw, gladiators to be Governor come 2023 are sincerely privy and are witnesses to the rotational arrangement on ground and are beneficiaries of the PDP policy.”

“In 2015, these were the same persons who advised another Ijaw son against contesting in the PDP Governorship primaries; reasoning that it was not yet time for Delta South Senatorial District, where all Ijaws belong,and they ensured all Ijaw delegates totally withdrew their support from and voted against their brother, a bona-fide son of Ijaw land,” he added.

“If they are sincere to themselves and the Ijaw people in Delta State, they will agree that 2023 is still not yet time and turn of Delta South Senatorial District and Ijaws who are subsumed under Delta South Senatorial District to contest for Governor, as it was the case in 2015,” he opined.

According to him, “the IMG is of the well informed opinion that the status quo, as established by the PDP suffices, and must be maintained to sustain the enduring political climate in the state. Therefore, the 2023 Governorship should be the reserve of Delta Central Senatorial District.”

In his response, National Chairman of Delta Central 2023 lobby group, Senator Chief Ighoyota Amori, stated that what the DC-23 was doing is to set the pace, adding that its agitation for the Delta Senatorial District was real.


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