Ifiekporo Community Mobilises To Shutdown Ode Itsekiri Road

Ifiekporo Community Mobilises To Shutdown Ode Itsekiri Road.

In the early hours of yesterday, residents of Ifiekporo, Warri South Local Government Area of Delta State, mobilized to shut down a section of Ode Itsekiri Road leading to Matrix, Pinnacle Oil and Gas, AYM Shaffa, and other companies in the area over alleged failure by the companies to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the community.

Mr Monoyo Edon, the community’s public relations officer, told reporters at the protest site that the companies had neglected to sign an MoU with the community for over ten years of operations.

“We are not asking for too much, just sign an MoU with the community but they have been avoiding this. We have written several letters to them.and even gave them ultimatum on this,” he said.

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The demonstrators had stopped a section of the road, and no car could pass through.

Keonomax, Parker Oil and Gas, Salbas Oil and Gas, and others are among the other companies.

The demonstrators built what appeared to be a shrine, complete with a priest who sat nearby and periodically chanted incantations.

They stated the demonstration would go on until the companies agreed to an MoU with the Ifiekporo community.

The companies’ employees could not be reached for comment.

Some people were left stuck at the main entrance to the company.


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