Tinubu Is Competent Enough To Be President - Olu Of Warri
Tinubu Is Competent Enough To Be President - Olu Of Warri

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), stated Wednesday that he was still consulting on the 2023 election.

He stated that he will not turn away individuals or organizations asking him to run for President.

After a closed-door meeting with members of the Northern Alliance Committee, the prominent politician addressed Newsmen in Abuja (NAC).

Consultations with political players, he said, were still underway.

Tinubu was asked if he would listen to Nigerians who want him to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said, “I’m not going to turn them down. But, I will still effectively and widely consult, particularly brainstorm with my friends and find a date to come out openly and tell Nigerians.”

However, the former governor of Lagos State stated that all hands must be on deck to support President Buhari and ensure that he is not distracted from addressing the country’s concerns.

He stressed: “The president is still in office. I don’t want to distract him from all the challenges that he might face today. So, we will consult and make our programme known to the people later and the intention is clear. So, you keep guessing.”

Ambassador Lawal Ahmed Munir, the NAC leader who endorsed Tinubu for 2023, said the group committed to strive towards the realization of his dream because of his outstanding traits.

Munir said: “The meeting ended very well. We are working for him. We are working for him because we know he will win the election when the time comes.”


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