I Have No Regrets Decamping To APC – Umahi

I Have No Regrets Decamping To APC – Umahi.

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi said he had no remorse after defecting to the ruling All Progressives Congress on Wednesday in Abakaliki (APC).

During a solidarity rally organized at the Udensi Water Fountain Roundabout in Abakaliki, the governor announced this to members and supporters of the party.

Umahi, who pleaded for peace, reassured APC followers, sympathizers, and friends of the administration who flocked to the gathering site to show their love and solidarity that the decision to fire him as governor will be overturned.

He said he had no remorse about ditching the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which he accused of being desperate and intent on destabilizing his administration.

“I have no regrets leaving PDP. The judgement sacking me as your governor will not stand at appeal and I remain the governor as I’m still working.

“I said the lawyers of PDP are the ones doing forum shopping and I’m going to report the lawyers to NBA to discipline them because the judge was misled.

“The blame is not on the judge. The blame is on the PDP lawyers who misled the judge.

“And I’m using the opportunity to appeal for calm and to let Nigerians know that nobody castigated the judge and we will not.

“Today, we have appealed the judgement. We have done three things; we have done the appeal at Enugu, and when I say that, we have two judgements, I say that the judgement in Ebonyi, which has equal powers with that of Abuja.

“We said that we will obey the judgement in Ebonyi; we will appeal the judgement of Abuja.

“We didn’t say we will disobey, otherwise we would have not appeal, we are before the Appeal Court in Enugu state and that of Abuja.

“We have also filed a stay of execution. So, we are still the governor and deputy governor of Ebonyi,” Umahi said.

He said that he has enlisted the help of 17 Nigerian Senior Advocates to appeal the Abuja Federal High Court’s decision.

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