I Created Jobs To Tackle Trafficking, Obaseki Insists

Stay Away From My State, Obaseki Urges Political Detractors
Stay Away From My State, Obaseki Urges Political Detractors

Mr Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State, has stated that his government employed job creation efforts and entrepreneurial programs to combat illegal migration and human trafficking among the state’s youths.

Obaseki told journalists in Benin City that his administration would continue to work to ensure that Edo youths were appropriately equipped to pursue their lives to the fullest.

The governor stated that his administration has had great success in combating human trafficking and illegal migration, stressing that the government has identified and tackled the core causes of these issues.

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According to him, before to 2015, the reputation of Edo State was negative and associated with trafficking, since Benin City was known as the capital city for prostitutes.

“For every boat that capsized, there was one Edo person there and every Edo girl that tried to travel was a suspect. Edo had about 30,000 of its citizens in Libya trying to cross to Europe.”

“Our young people were in a hurry to leave the country and it became a problem for my administration in restoring the hope of Edo youths,” he noted.

The governor went on to say that a shortage of jobs exacerbated the problem of human trafficking.

“So, while campaigning, I did what most politicians would not do; I campaigned with job creation, promising to create 200,000 jobs. Five years running now, we have done well in terms of job creation for Edo people,” he stated.


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