I Am Sorry, Lukaku Apologizes To Chelsea Fans
I Am Sorry, Lukaku Apologizes To Chelsea Fans

Romelu Lukaku has apologized for his recent interview in which he mentioned a return to Inter, his unhappiness at Chelsea, and his praise for Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Lukaku met with manager Thomas Tuchel on Tuesday in an attempt to put the interview behind him, with some speculating he was attempting to force his way out of the London club, but he apologised for the outburst and attempted to explain his meaning in a video interview on the club’s official website.

“I totally understand, I think I should have been much clearer in my message,” he said.

“The interview was about saying goodbye to the Inter fans, not about disrespecting the fans and the football club, the owner, the teammates and the manager because they did a lot of effort to bring me back and I wanted to come back.

“They don’t need to question,” he said when asked whether Chelsea supporters should question his commitment after expressing a wish to play for Inter again one day.

“I always said I wanted to come here to be successful, that’s why I signed a five-year deal. Chelsea is a club that is equal to success. I have a special passion for this club. I want to win here for many years. That’s why I signed a five-year deal and that’s why I want to show my commitment in training and in games for this football club.”

The 28-year-old Belgian international talked up transfers to Barcelona and Real Madrid, but he stated in the Chelsea interview that he was talking about how other fans regard such teams.

“I think kids have this type of dream to play for these clubs – for me it’s Chelsea.“Everybody knows that from when I was 10 or 11 I wanted to play here.

“I came here when I was 18 back here when I’m 28, prime years of my career, I can’t mess this up. I’m really happy to be here.

“To the fans, I’m sorry for the upset I caused. You know the connection I have with this club, I understand you being upset. It’s up to me to restore your trust and show my commitment.

“To the manager, I apologise, to my teammates and the board. It was not the right moment and I want to move forward from this and start winning football games.”


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