Four Candidates Jostle For Ijaw National Congress Position

Four Candidates Jostle For Ijaw National Congress Position

All is set for the election of a new president of the Izon (Ijaw) National Congress (INC), an umbrella association of the Ijaw ethnic group “set up to defend the rights of Ijaw people anywhere in the world”.

The election which will be conducted at the Ijaw House in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State has Alaowei Fred Owotorufa; Chief Chris Ekiyor and Wing Commander PY Biakpra and Professor Benjamin Okaba jostling for the President-General position.

The INC came into existence in 1992 when leaders of the Ijaw ethnic nationality met in Patani, in old Rivers State to devise new strategies and long-range political calculations for a fair share of the resources in the country.

At the inaugural meeting, Professor C.A. Dime emerged as the first national president of the Ijaw National Congress.

Among its objectives is the creation of more states out of Ijawland. Through its contacts in the army, civil service and traditional institutions, the INC succeeded in creating “Baysela State out of Rivers State and more local governments for the non-Rivers Ijaw.”


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