Face Governance And Stop Politicizing Nembe Oil Spill – Niger Delta Youths Tell Diri

2023: Diri Tasks Politicians On 'Bloodless' Elections
2023: Diri Tasks Politicians On 'Bloodless' Elections

Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa state has been chastised by the Niger Delta Youth Council for his recent comments on the Nembe oil spill.

The Niger Delta Youth Council stated that the governor is attempting to politicize the Nembe oil spill in order to undermine President Muhammadu Buhari and Aiteo’s attempts to clean up the spill, as well as distract attention away from his leadership failings.

In a statement issued by its chairman, Comrade Henshaw Bassey, the Niger Delta Youth Council said Diri’s outburst was meant to cover up his administration’s failure in the state.

The statement read: “It is clear to all observers of events in Bayelsa State that the governor has failed in all ramifications.

“Knowing that the day of reckoning is coming, Governor Diri is ready to hold on to anything at all and make a political tool around the issue.

“Such was what he intended to achieve with his reckless statement on the Nembe oil spill.

“The statement was clearly diversionary and we, therefore, call on him to face governance and deliver democracy dividends to the people of his state.

“Governor Diri should stop undermining ongoing remedial efforts. He should not discourage those handling the matter with his unjustified statements.” 

The group, on the other hand, praised Aiteo management and President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration for their quick response to the Nembe Oil Spill.


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