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A former Niger Delta warlord, Ebikabowei Victor Ben, popularly known as Gen.

Boyloaf, has broken an academic record by graduating as the best graduating student with first class honours at the Baze University, Abuja, in what may be characterized as a unique academic feat.

The former Niger Delta warlord, who is also one of the region’s most renowned leaders, graduated from Baze University’s Department of International Relations and Diplomacy in Abuja.

The Baze University, Abuja booklet of its 10th Anniversary cum 7th and 8th combined Convocation Ceremony included Gen. Boyloaf’s colossal academic achievement.

In the 2020 academic session, Ebikabowei Victor Ben is expected to graduate with a first-class degree (B. Sc).

However, a prominent All Progressive Congress (APC) leader in Delta State, Comr. Akpodubakaye Gbaboyor Jude, a former APC aspirant, Delta State House of Assembly for Warri South West Local Government, congratulated Gen. Boyloaf, whom he described as his lifetime boss.

Comr. Jude stated that he is not surprised by Victor Ben’s academic achievement, emphasizing that Ebikabowei has always been an expert in whatever he does.

He went on to say that his boss’s latest academic achievement is historical event and crucial to Niger Deltans in many ways, particularly to the Ijaw Nation.

Comr. Jude went on to say that Boyloaf’s outstanding academic achievement was the result of hard work, wishing the former Niger Delta warlord better days ahead and advising his sons to emulate him in the region as education remains the bedrock of all development.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the former warlord is obtaining a master’s degree at an unidentified university.


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