Edo Deputy Governor Backs NLC On Minimum Wage Legislation

Edo Deputy Governor Backs NLC On Minimum Wage Legislation

Edo Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, has kicked against the bill seeking to switch the minimum wage from the Exclusive Legislative List to the Concurrent List.

In an interview with the newsmen on Thursday in Benin, Mr. Shaibu advised the bill’s sponsor to step it down.

According to him, rather than sponsor such a bill, the lawmaker should move motions and sponsor bills that will support programmes geared toward finding lasting solutions to insecurity in the country.

He said, “Let us all discuss the issue of insecurity and make our cities, communities, and country secure.”

The deputy governor highlighted the need for lawmakers to legislate on issues that would unite the country rather than those that would further divide it and bring about chaos.

He noted that this was not the time to bring up issues as contained in the bill.

He, therefore, urged the National Assembly to focus on the issue of insecurity.

According to him, the economy issue is all about security, and no investor will come to your land if he is not sure of the safety of his investment.

He explained, “The economy of this country needs to work. That is why all of us, the legislative and the executive arms, need to come together and fashion a way to deal with insecurity.

“For me, when you seek first all the indices that make an economy work, then prosperity will be the order of the day, and all other smaller issues will be dealt with.

“But when your economy is in shambles, then obviously, poverty will reign supreme.”

The Nigeria Labour Congress has scheduled Wednesday for a national protest against the bill, which had passed through the first reading at the National Assembly.


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