Edo Deploys Android App for Plastic Recycling

Edo Deploys Android App for Plastic Recycling.

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP) in Edo State has urged communities to participate in a plastic trash recycling program in order to reduce indiscriminate disposal of plastic, aluminium, and other non-biodegradable debris.

Dr. Tom Obaseki, Edo NEWMAP‘s Coordinator, made the announcement at a one-day training session on the trial deployment of the “Pick and Sell” Android App.

Edo would be one of the first states in Nigeria to implement the tech-enabled system, according to Obaseki.

He pointed out that the software would allow NEWMAP to retain physical infrastructure built for erosion and flood management, which necessitates a significant amount of public funding.

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Obaseki encouraged NEWMAP Community Interest Groups (CIGs) and other stakeholders attending the session not to let plastic and other non-degradable items choke their newly created drainages and ponds inside their domains and houses.

He stated that the threat presented by trash to NEWMAP infrastructure by plastic must be addressed in order for the purpose of devoting public resources to infrastructure construction to be realized.


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