Delta PDP Party Suspends Ex-Commissioner, Tony Nwaka Over Facebook Post

Delta PDP Party Suspends Ex-Commissioner, Tony Nwaka Over Facebook Post
Delta PDP Party Suspends Ex-Commissioner, Tony Nwaka Over Facebook Post

Tony Nwaka, a former Delta State Commissioner for Special Duties/Head of State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), has been suspended from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) following a post on his Facebook page.

During the government of former Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, Nwaka was in office.

His suspension from the party was declared in a letter signed by the Delta North senatorial chairman of the party, Moses Idu, and the PDP Ward 2 chairman, Nwandu Patrick, Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South Local Government Area of Delta State.

“You are suspended from the party for a period of one month by this letter to allow the ward disciplinary committee to examine your breach of section 58 (b) (h); this is to enable you to come and defend what you put on Facebook on the 13th of December, 2021,” the letter said.

Nwaka had on Monday made a post on his verified Facebook account with the title, “This Is Wicked, Sadistic And Demonic. Stop It Now”.

The post read, “Ten years ago, you fought a man in a wrestling competition. Even though you won the contest, you were unhappy. You were offended that the man came up as your challenger. But you later said you’d forgiven him. For you eventually became his boss.

“And to demonstrate your sincerity (for so it seemed), you invited him into the most sacred corners of your temple. And for many years you fed him with the choicest foods. Even your most exotic drinks were at his disposal. You positioned him as a trusted lieutenant. The world applauded your vision and magnanimity. And he took extra steps to serve you loyally and competently. Now, ten years down the line, you lay an ambush for him.

“The same man you told the world you had forgiven. You now raise an army and resources to bring him down. Shocked and confused, men of honour run to you and ask, ‘Our brother and leader, what is the problem? Why are you mobilizing these deadly forces against him?’ And you reply, ‘I have not forgotten or forgiven him for what he did against me ten years ago.’ ‘What!’ They yell. ‘You mean you still hold that grudge? Then you should have kept him at arm’s length from day one. Why cuddle him all these years in your house, only to now unleash your wrath with the hammer of death?’ Unbelievable! Preposterous! Sacrilege! Bizarre! Unspeakable!

“The heavens rumble and thunder in indignation at such a barbaric display of duplicity and cruelty. For every Sunday, you move from church to church, sitting at the front pew, basking in the air of public esteem, Reading the Bible, preaching forgiveness and reconciliation. Yet, at the same time, you have dug a pit.

“The boss digs a pit, For his subordinate whom he had deceptively pulled closer. No, this is ungodly. The height of hypocrisy and wickedness.

“It erases whatever good works you may have done elsewhere. Indeed an unforgiving spirit is insatiably destructive. Let’s put an end to this emerging mania of vicious vengeance.”

Reacting to his suspension, Nwaka in a Facebook post titled, “PDP Suspends Me For One Month!” said, “My ward chairman served me a letter today, suspending me from the Peoples Democratic Party for one month, and requesting that I come before a disciplinary panel to explain my recent Facebook post (see attached letter).

“When I asked which of my various posts have been found offensive, he showed a copy of my post of 13 December 2021, titled THIS IS WICKED, SADISTIC AND DEMONIC. STOP IT NOW. He said he was given a photocopy of the post at the party’s state secretariat in Asaba, with the instruction to place me on suspension. 

“He said he read the post over and over and he is still wondering the link it has with a political party or any specific individual. But he had to obey the party’s instruction and issue the suspension letter accordingly.

“So, my people, that is where we are. Thankfully, I was given the fair hearing of going to explain myself, though I had thought the query should have come before the sanctions.

“At any rate, I hope to meet the panel whenever it sits and sees how a satire (a fictional creation that mirrors the foibles of society) about a wrestling competition that was held ten years ago, in which no identities or locations were indicated, now constitutes an offence to a political party.

“I shall keep you all posted as events unfold. God bless you. Ide Tony F.E. Nwaka, Ph.D. Former commissioner and author of ‘Mountain of Yesterday.”


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