DELTA 2023: Ijaw Traditional Rulers Seek Urhobo Monarchs Support For Ijaw Candidate

DELTA 2023: Ijaw Traditional Rulers Seek Urhobo Monarchs Support For Ijaw Candidate.

The Ijaw traditional rulers in Delta state have declared that there is no such thing as power rotation or zoning agreement when it comes to gubernatorial elections in the state because anytime an election is called, lawmakers from all political parties compete and participate.

The Ijaw monarchs expressed their reservations on Tuesday when they paid a visit to the palace of the Ohworode of Olomu kingdom, HRM, Dr. Ovie R. L. Ogbon 1, Ogoni -Oghoro 1, in Ughelli South Local Government Area, to solicit the support of the Urhobo monarchs to support an Ijaw candidate in the 2023 gubernatorial election, as the Ohworode of Olomu kingdom was also flanked by other traditional rulers from Urhobo.

On behalf of the Ijaw monarchs, HRM Elder (Capt) King Joseph Timiyan JP, chairman of the Ijaw Traditional Rulers Forum, Delta State, stated that no one should ring the bell of zoning or power rotation because some illustrious sons and politicians of the Ijaw will be contesting for the position of governor of Delta State.

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The Ijaw monarchs believed that there had never been a moment in the state’s history when only political candidates from a single senatorial district contested the gubernatorial election, and that every citizen has the constitutional right to run for any political post in the country.

The Ijaw monarchs also emphasized that the Ijaws and Urhobos have always been at peace with one another, and that in 2023, they must work together and support an Ijaw candidate for governor.

In response, HRM Mike Omeru Ogurimerime, Ukori 1, the Ovie of Agbon kingdom, who spoke on behalf of the Urhobo monarchs, stated that the monarchs have heard the Ijaw monarchs’ wishes, but that the Urhobo monarchs will still take everything “into consideration” because there are also candidates of Urhobo extraction pursuing gubernatorial ambitions.

HRM, Dr. Ovie R. L. Ogbon 1, the Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom, in his address, urged Deltans to pray fervently as they prepare for the 2023 elections.


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