Buhari, APC Governors Have Set Nigeria 20-Years Back – Wike

Wike Obtains List Of Illegal Refineries From Chairmen, Orders Destruction
Wike Obtains List Of Illegal Refineries From Chairmen, Orders Destruction

Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of President Muhammadu Buhari has pushed Nigeria 20 years backwards in just six and a half years of misrule.

Wike further said that governors elected on the APC platform are busy bickering over direct and indirect primaries, while he and his PDP colleagues are busy completing projects.

On Wednesday in Borikiri, Port Harcourt, Wike spoke during the inauguration of the Rivers State Government Safe Home by Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel.

According to Wike, PDP governors have been obsessed with ensuring the democratic dividend in their respective states.

He advised Nigerians, particularly members of the APC, to be more cautious about who they entrust with the job of leading the country.

“The other people (APC) are only fighting themselves about direct primaries and indirect primaries. We (PDP) are busy about delivering dividends of democracy. You can see, the difference is clear.

“Your Excellency, I’m happy that you’re the one who have come, because you’ve invited me severally to Akwa Ibom State to commission projects. I’m happy and I want to say to everybody that PDP governors are doing very, very well.

“So, we must be careful of dealing with those who are not serious. A party that is not serious, that has set our country 20 years back. We must be very very careful.”

Governor Wike stated that it is incorrect for most governments to overlook the well-being of society’s most vulnerable citizens in their plans.

According to the governor, such hesitation stems from the fact that they believe it is their responsibility to offer services and programs to safeguard the less fortunate.

“We are only interested in constructing roads. We are only interested in constructing schools, hospitals and the rest of it. But one important aspect that government forgets is the less privileged, the vulnerable.

“We do not think that we owe them that duty to also protect them. It is key that every government should take this as a special project.”

Governor Wike went on to say that most times when violence is mentioned, the attention is solely on women as the only victims, despite the fact that boys are frequently raped by women.

Governor Wike emphasized that the Safe Home’s services should be offered to male victims of assault as well as women.

“So, let us not think that it is only for women. It is also for young boys who are also assaulted so that they can also have some psychological debriefing.”

Governor Wike has merged ideas, ingenuity, and available financial resources to achieve his major infrastructural development, while also catering to the needs of the vulnerable in the state, according to Udom Emmanuel, who performed the inauguration.

He agreed with Governor Wike that governments are preoccupied with infrastructure development, capital projects, and thinking about the economic growth of their respective states, but they often overlook the poor and those in need.

“Port Harcourt is one place that if I miss coming in six months, by the time I come back, I would have seen a lot of changes.

“When you want to know a State that is forward moving, forward-looking, that has a lot to deliver, that has a governor that’s forward-thinking, such a State, whenever you go there you don’t lack seeing construction sites.

“There is no single time you come to Rivers that you won’t see a construction site where people are working. And then, people will be talking of unemployment. Find out on one site and see how many youths are employed. How many people they are catering for.

“So, it’s just how to jump-start the economy and get things working. So, trust me, PDP can manage the federal government and jumpstart the economy very well.”

Governor Emmanuel described Governor Wike as a party leader who made them proud and was constantly present in their activities.

Governor Emmanuel called on the federal government to take a page out of Rivers State’s book and lead by example via the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in providing similar facilities and services across the country.


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