Bishop Urges CAN To Begin Registration, Licensing Of Pastors

Bishop Urges CAN Begin Registration, Licensing Of Pastors.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leadership has been encouraged to initiate the registration and licensing of all pastors in its fold across the country.

Bishop Seun Adeoye, General Overseer of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministries, Rehoboth Arena, stated that this was done to combat the country’s expanding number of bogus pastors.

Adeoye, who is also the Lead Bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church (WAC) in Nigeria, made the request in a statement on the 70th birthday of Bishop Gideon Folahanmi, one of the state’s Church leaders.

He stated that the registration and licensing of pastors became required due to the increasing number of imposters in the country.
Adeoye slammed social media sites for limiting access and giving voice to many of the bogus pastors who “emit bad stench and spew trash from their intestines in the name of predictions.”

Today, he claims, we are surrounded by so-called men and women of God who are making false predictions, disseminating unbiblical doctrines, acting in all modes of immoral behavior, and performing all manners of rites at the altar.

“Although these false pastors are in the minority, they are dangerous to the church and the society.

“They dupe in the name of God. They cause havoc to the church and so many pains and shame to true Christians. They are worse than bandits.

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“These wolves should be identified, exposed and disgraced. These shafts must be separated from the wheat.

“They are not called by our Lord to preach the gospel, but they see the church as a means of livelihood to serve the gods of their bellies.

“Therefore, these bad ones must give way to allow the gospel of Christ to flourish. CAN leaders should embark on urgent cleansing by registering and licencing all genuine men and women of God in its fold.

“By this, we can easily identify the evil ones and help deliver victims from their wickedness,” he said

Adeoye, who is also the spokesman for, World Bishops’ Council (WBC), Africa, said leaders should be ready to come out boldly to deny anyone engaging in satanic activities.

“Any of such pastors, whose behaviour was found wanting or inimical to the wellbeing of the Body of Christ should be deregistered.

“Enough of this nonsense in the name of God,” he said.

Adeoye lauded Folahanmi for his nearly 50-year work in God’s vineyard, stating that testimony from others about his life plainly showed that the 70-year-old priest had served God with absolute honesty.


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