Aubameyang Says Problem At Arsenal Was Just With Mikel Arteta

Aubameyang Says Problem At Arsenal Was Just With Mikel Arteta.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang when speaking at his Barcelona presentation faulted his departure from Arsenal primarily on manager Mikel Arteta.

After being stripped of the captaincy and kept out of the team by Arteta following a disciplinary infraction in December, the striker left Arsenal earlier this week in acrimonious circumstances.

“I think it was a problem just with him [Arteta]. I can’t really tell you much,” Aubameyang said.

“He wasn’t happy and that was it. I can’t say anything else because that’s what happened. I wasn’t very happy and I’m better this way.

“There were some complicated months. Sometimes football is like that. If I had to say something about this, I would say, on my behalf, I never wanted to do anything bad.

“Now I have to put this behind me, that is in the past. I want to think about the present.”

Aubameyang has since joined Barcelona on a free transfer, and while the 32-year-old said on Tuesday that the way in which he left Arsenal hurts, he claimed that he was not very satisfied with how his four-year stay at the Emirates ended.

Barcelona did not declare Aubameyang’s transfer until Wednesday, despite the fact that the Gabon international travelled to Barcelona on deadline day on Monday to finalize the transaction.

“That was a very long, crazy day,” Aubameyang said.

“I was with my dad at his house and I was just hoping that everything would work out well. They called me in the afternoon and said I could do the medical checks. I was a bit stressed, but everything was good in the end.

“It is true that I’ve not played for a little while, but in my head, everything is very clear. I’ll be ready to play and help out soon. I know that we are going to go back to the top little by little.”

Aubameyang was reportedly earning £350,000 a week at Arsenal, but he agreed to a pay reduction to join Barcelona.

According to Joan Laporta, the Barcelona president who presided over Aubameyang’s presentation, this willingness to take a lower wage will be rewarded in the future.

Laporta said: “Everything has worked very well with this transfer. We are signing a top player who wanted to come to Barca, who made an effort, a sacrifice, to come here, which we appreciate very much.

“Once we have a more healthy financial situation, we will help you as you are helping Barca now.

“We were working hard late in the night to finalise this transfer and until the last minute when the contract between him and Arsenal was in, as well as the one here at Barca to formalise this signing.

“I think we had a very good winter transfer window that was within the possibilities of the club.”


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