Aregbesola Launches Custodial Center Vulnerability Audit in NCoS, Nationwide


The Federal Government launched a vulnerability analysis of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), on all sites across the country on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

While inaugurating the audit, Minister of Interior Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola stated that the study will highlight the flaws in the security setup and infiltration levels of the correctional centers.

“The vulnerability audit we launched today will help us discover weaknesses in our security setup and put in place an effective structure to help us better secure our facilities against future external aggression.

“In the past, the challenges to the facilities were usually internal insurrections which our system had been primed to deal with. But this new challenge, starting with the #endsars riots of last year, is an armed invasion by gunmen, in large numbers, bearing sophisticated weapons and military grade ordinances.

“They overrun the place, blow up huge holes on the perimeter fence and overpower our security system. We are determined to eliminate the threat from these attackers and ensure that our facilities are no longer vulnerable,” the Minister stated.

Speaking further, the Minister stated that it is sacrilegious for anyone to bridge any custodial facility in Nigeria stating anyone who breaches the custodial facilities was simply toiling with the sovereignty of Nigeria and must not live to regret such actions.

“The NCoS stands at the heart and end of Administration of Criminal Justice System. It is a critical and essential element in keeping those the court thinks must be kept away from our society. You must do all in your power to defend it.

“The custodial centres represent Nigeria’s sovereignty, it’s a sacred institution that signifies her authority. Anyone who aims to breach them is simply testing the might and will of the Nigerian state and must not live to regret such actions,” the Minister revealed.

In response to the NCoS exercise, the Controller General of the Service, CG Haliru Nababa, stated that teams will be established in each of the geopolitical zones, with an interim report due within a week.

“Minister sir, as soon as we leave this location, we will return to the office to put this assignment into action.” We will submit an interim report of the audit in the coming week, and the full report will be submitted in eight weeks.

“We are aware of the embarrassment the frequent external attacks have on our reputation as a service and as a country. We are assuring the Minister that our officers are ready to combat all attacks on our facility.

“Already, the service have sent the first batch of 150 armed personnel for training at a military formation in Kontagora. Others are billed to complete their training Sir, in the next couple of weeks,” the CG stated.


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