Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the Minister of Interior, told Nigerians that the attack on the Abolongo Custodial Centre in Oyo, Oyo State, had been brought under control and that citizens should go about their daily lives.

The Minister, who was briefed by the Controller General of the Nigerian Correctional Service and is monitoring the situation, issued a statement through his Media Aide, Sola Fasure, in response to the event.

According to Aregbesola, the awaiting trial area was afterwards attacked with grenades and other explosives, resulting in the setting some of the awaiting trial inmates free.

Some of those who escaped have been apprehended by security agents, while others have willingly returned to the center, and security agents are on the lookout for others.

Late Friday, October 22, 2021, heavily armed militants assaulted the Abolongo Custodial Centre and engaged security agents on the ground in a gun duel that lasted around 20 minutes until they were overwhelmed.

in the vicinity A large group of heavily armed gunmen attacked the Abolongo Custodial Centre in Oyo, Oyo State, around 10 p.m. yesterday, October 22, 2021.

“The attackers subsequently used grenades and other explosives to gain access into the awaiting trial section of the facility and set free many of the awaiting trial inmates. Other sections of the facilities were left untouched.

“The Controller General of the Nigerian Correctional Service has been on the situation immediately the incident occurred.

“The Minister of Interior has been briefed on the attack. He is monitoring the situation.

“He has assured members of the public to go about their normal businesses as the situation is under control. He also requires members of the public to report any suspicious movement or any sign of the escaped inmates and the gunmenin and around the vicinity to the nearest security post around them.

“Security agencies are on the trail of the escaped inmates, while a joint security services manhunt has been launched immediately for the apprehension of the assailants.

“This has led to the capture of some of the inmates while others returned voluntarily. However, those who are on the run are advised to turn themselves in, as escape from lawful custody is a serious offense. The full weight of the law will be brought on them when arrested,” the statement said.


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