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The prime minister of Ivory Coast, and candidate of the ruling party in the forthcoming Ivorian presidential elections, Amadou Coulibaly is dead.

He died yesterday following a cabinet meeting, after just returning from France, where he had spent two months receiving medical treatment for a heart condition.

The death of the 61-year-old Prime Minister has cast uncertainty on the West African country’s presidential election scheduled to hold in three months.

Although the cause of his death was not immediately clear, Coulibaly was the ruling party’s candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections, after the country’s president Alassane Ouattara decided not to run for a third time in office

Alassane Ouattara, in a tweet, paid tribute to Coulibaly whom he called “my little brother, my son,” praising his devotion and loyalty to the government.

“He embodied this young generation of Ivorians of great skill and extreme loyalty to the nation,” the president wrote.

Amadou Coulibaly had previously served as minister of agriculture under the former president, Laurent Gbagbo, who was acquitted of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court in 2019.

Gbagbo’s refusal to give up power when he lost the 2010 elections to Ouattara led to a civil war in which thousands died.



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