The Akwa Ibom State has promised to pay N2 billion as compensation to property and crop owners on IBB Avenue, Uyo, who are affected by the flood control drainage project.

The state commissioner for Environment Charles Udoh who made the promised on Tuesday said 499 persons have already benefitted from the first phase of compensation. He added that the next phase of payment would begin next week.

According to him, the 8.4km drainage project is expected to be completed before the rains as excavation and casting have been completed in some places adding that enough would have been done to enable the drains carry flood water before the rains start.

He said: “The project was awarded to China Roads and Bridges Corporation after an international bidding process last year May, with a 19-month completion period. The World Bank is providing N12 billion and the state is providing the N2 billion for compensation.

“The drains, which would be covered in built up areas, would cover a stretch of 8.4km and would be as deep as 10.10m in some places, and as much as 8m wide, carrying about 50,000 metres of water per second.

“The project is designed to carry flood waters from IBB Avenue to Ibesikpo, cutting across 17 communities, excluding the four communities that host the construction yard. The 17 communities cut across Uyo, Nsit Ibom and Ibesikpo Asutan councils…”


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