Who we Are

Ijaw News Media is a registered Nigerian online news platform (BN3135011) devoted to bringing timely, detailed, comprehensive, accurate and factual news to your fingertips.

Although our primary area of coverage is the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, we are also involved with the reportage of the latest happenings on the National and International scene.

As the fourth estate of government, we are committed to checking the excesses of the remaining three arms to foster sustainable societal development, respect for human rights through responsible and responsive governance.

Our Vision

To be a one-stop multimedia Niger Delta publication that delivers factual, fresh, accurate & reliable information.

Our Mission

Ijaw News is dedicated to providing information that empowers citizens to make the best possible decisions about their lives, communities, societies and governments.

We are devoted to giving a voice to the disenfranchised and bringing to the forefront the issues that pertain to the unheard and ignored.

We are also committed to enriching and promoting the beauty and uniqueness of cultural practices.

Simply put, we deliver information that brings about knowledge necessary to inform change.

Our Core Values

As a digital media agency, our core values are credibility, balance,
dependability, reliability.


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