80 Arrested In Ondo Over Violation Of Environmental Laws

80 Arrested In Ondo Over Violation Of Environmental Laws.

Over the weekend, 80 people were detained in Ondo state by authorities from the state’s Waste Management Authority for violating the state’s environmental rules.

They were apprehended in various sites around Akure, the state capital, during the monthly environmental sanitation operation.

Mrs. Ayo Adeyemo, the agency’s general manager, stated her concern with some people of the state’s lax attitude toward environmental cleanliness.

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According to Adeyemo, some locals did not participate in the exercise, which was the first iteration in the year 2022.

According to her “We are not impressed because the people are not complying at all. They were burning refuse, some people were holding service in their churches, which is not supposed to be.

“Environmental sanitation hours should be hours people should keep their environment clean, and not conducting programmes in churches.

“Also, some people were selling things. They didn’t even care, maybe probably because we didn’t hold environmental sanitation exercise last year December because it was a festive period.

“The drivers too were just loading in the parks. Apart from loading, their surroundings were just filthy, unhealthy and littered with waste. So, generally, we are not impressed”.

Adeyemo advised persons who were fond of dumping rubbish in unapproved areas to stop doing so or face the full force of the law.

Those detained were eventually charged and prosecuted in court.


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