Home Politics 2023 Elections: Let God’s Will Be Done – Okowa

2023 Elections: Let God’s Will Be Done – Okowa

Delta 2023: I'll Allow The Will Of God Provide The State With A Worthy Successor - Okowa
Delta 2023: I'll Allow The Will Of God Provide The State With A Worthy Successor - Okowa

2023 Elections: Let God’s Will Be Done – Okowa.

On Tuesday, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa asked Deltans to pray for God’s will to be done in the state ahead of the 2023 gubernatorial election.

At a thanksgiving ceremony at the Government House Chapel in Asaba, Okowa prayed for God’s blessings on him, his family, and the state in 2023, as well as for more heavenly attention on them and the state in 2022.

Prior to the 2023 general elections, he warned political players to focus on governance and avoid distractions.

“Let us approach the next few months with oneness of love. Towards the end of every administration, there are usually distractions here and there.

“We are not stopping people from playing politics but we need to realise that there is a purpose and we must remain loyal and committed to governance until May 29, 2023.

‘’This is a year of politics and as politicians, we cannot avoid it; pray with us, pray for us and pray about the state.

“Whatever positions we are contesting for, let us seek the face of God because if you genuinely pray, God will reveal His will for you.

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“As a man, I will also try to avoid people pushing me to a direction that God is not pleased with because if God has made a choice and we go in the wrong direction, it will not augur well for the state.

“But one thing is sure, whoever will succeed me, must be one who keeps the fire in this altar burning, and God must direct me on the choice of the person.
“I can never take the place of God in deciding who will succeed me; I will pray for God to direct me and not man, so that I don’t go in the wrong direction.

“In so doing we are asking for greater blessings and there is no doubt that since 2015 when we assumed office, the hand of God has been strong in this state.

“Going forward, I need no one to tell anyone that the hand of God has been very strong and gracious in our affairs.

“We are now in our seventh year and it is a good thing to give thanks unto God, because if we rest our faith in God we will be able to do all things; we will be able to show love and empathy to the people.

“In governance, until you touch the lives of people you have done nothing and a life in governance without God is a governance for self because it is not for the people.

“Many communities want to honour us and thank us for what we have done for them. But, each time I tell them that you have voted for us and whatever we have been able to achieve we give thanks to God.”

“As a family we will continue to abide in God because by His grace we are able to continue and finish strong to His glory.

“It is our belief that God will provide the resources and the men to accomplish all that we have started.”



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