2023 Elections: I’ll Not Negotiate Behind You – Obaseki Tells Edo PDP Leaders

2023 Elections: I'll Not Negotiate Behind You – Obaseki Tells Edo PDP Leaders
2023 Elections: I'll Not Negotiate Behind You – Obaseki Tells Edo PDP Leaders

As the 2023 general elections approach, Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki has told state leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that he would not deal behind their backs.

During a meeting of party leaders in Benin City, Edo State, Obaseki offered the guarantee.

He said, “Politics will soon start again as we are heading towards the national elections. We will sit together and decide what we want in Edo.

“I will not negotiate behind you or on your behalf. We will do it together as we are good enough to govern Nigeria. Our target in e-registration is one million and we have over 220,000 members and the more people we can register, the more impact we will have in the election.”

The governor praised PDP leaders from the state’s 18 local government areas for their efforts in bringing the old and new structures of the party together.

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Obaseki noted that, “We have harmonised the party in the state. PDP is the ruling party in Edo State and will continue to be, as some people find it difficult to believe. The party is large enough to accommodate everybody as our umbrella is big enough for all.

“We have a strong party united at the base as the harmonization was done from the ward level. People will come and go, but the institution will remain.”

He continued: “Looking into the future, we must open up the party, bring youths into the party as well as more women to participate in the party’s activities. Edo people are one and united as they don’t want division in the state.

“It is only the people that can give you political power; no one outside Edo State can do that. Anyone hoping for people from outside the state to give them political power is mistaken. The politics of the future should be structured to benefit not only ourselves but our people. Let’s be strategic in our politics.”

According to him, “Obaseki is not Edo. I will come and go, but Edo will remain. We should not personalize politics. We don’t talk or praise ourselves. We don’t commission projects but our people do it for us.”

“I am working with some agencies to conduct a census and at the end, we will give identification to our people as we can’t wait for the federal government.”


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