2023: Arogbo Ijaw Communities Demand House Of Reps Slot In Ondo

Ondo Women Protest Half Naked Over Insecurity

The Arogbo Ijaw ethnic nationality in Ondo state have complained about the high-handedness and unwarranted discrimination perpetrated against them by a few greedy persons in the Constituency over the years.

They pointed out that the Arogbo Ijaw constituents have never been represented in the House of Representatives in the Ilaje/ Ese-Odo federal constituency in Ondo state, which is mostly populated by the Ijaw Arogbo, Ijaw Apoi, and Ilaje people.

This was stated in a letter signed by the Youth President of the Ugoububogho community, Akpata, Comrade Utanghan Ebikontei Education, and made accessible to the media on Friday. Since the foundation of Ondo state, Arogbo Ijaws have been neglected in their quest to represent their constituency in Nigeria’s lower chamber of the legislature.

The letter reads in part, “It has been a worrisome Political agenda of the Arogbo Ijaw ethnic nationality in Ondo state since the birth of Democracy in Nigeria, 1999.

“In the political history of the Ilaje/ Ese-Odo federal constituency in Ondo state, which is mainly occupied by the Ijaw Arogbo, Ijaw Apoi and the Ilaje people, the house of Representatives in the Constituency has not been tasted once by the Arogbo Ijaw constituents.

“With different corroborative evidence to be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, the Arogbo Ijaw is highly marginalized in their inquisitiveness to represent the Constituency in the lower chamber of the legislature in Nigeria since the creation of Ondo state.

“Politicians who had the dream with qualitative representation from the Arogbo Ijaw extraction in the Constituency were proved abortive to the helm of affairs because of high handedness and unnecessary discrimination by some selfish individuals in the Constituency over the years.

“What galvanized me into action Politically towards the 2023 poll is the prevailing act of downtrodden and the power of imperpetuity on the path of our beloved neighbourhoods who see the seat as a cultural heritage with no humanitarian feeling for us in the Arogbo Ijaw ethnic nationality.

“Therefore, I, Com. UTANGHAN EBIKONTEI EDUCATION, the youth president of Ugoububogho community in ukaparama ward 2, Ese-odo LGA Ondo state, from the Constituency is disdained and bemused to see and hear the perpetual marginalization of one who has been there for the second time is still having the third term bid.

“However, on behalf of the entire Arogbo Ijaw youth forum, we want to be rest assured that we can no longer continue to pretend to see the yearnings and aspiration of our even yet unborn generations to face this injustice and prejudicial act on us come 2023”.

“Meanwhile, candidates who had contested for the house of Representatives from the Arogbo Ijaw were: The foremost speaker of the state house of Assembly, Rt. Hon.( Barr) R. A JOLOWO of blessed memory, Hon. KINGSLEY KUKU former S. A to president Goodluck Jonathan and Chairman president Amnesty Program in the Niger Delta, Hon. Donald Ojogo, the current commissioner for information and orientation in the state and several other aspirants from the Arogbo axis were vehemently truncated by the so called Political Judaists in the Constituency.

“We are appealing to our neighbouring constituents to test us in the prospective election, 2023, if we could deliver or do otherwise to the democratic system. We have quality representatives who can bring huge development to the Constituency devoid of ethnicity and tribalism if given us the chance to the National Assembly in the forthcoming election, 2023.

“Our primary aim is to ensure justice, equity and fairness among us in the Constituency,” the statement added.


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